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Easy Party Makeup for Beginners : In this video, I’ve used budget makeup products to create a super simple bronze eye with winged liner, paired with pink-bro…

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  • Ritika B Mishra 4 years ago

    serioisly very nice one Ankita…Just 1 thing i need to know which face is
    best the cRevlon photoready or this one (Colorbar Perfect Match
    Primer).Hope u reply bye and thanks 

  • FreshFaceBeauty 4 years ago

    Nice look ankita..lakme 9 to 5 lip colors are amazing..Even I have recorded
    a makeup tutorial using their orange lipstick :) 

  • Her Creative Palace 4 years ago

    You look soooooooo pretty di as always

  • Anisha Painguinkar 4 years ago

    The hardest part about finding makeup for dark skin is foundation-matching
    Learning all of the makeup tips for Indian skin tones can be so hard! ..
    Can u recommend or give tutorial make up for my brown skin (foundation,
    concelor,powder, lipsticks…) il b great ful to you .. 

  • priti 4 years ago

    hi, i am from india but i live in US right now.. i rarely visit india so it
    is a little difficult for me to get cosmetics like lakme and colorbar. Can
    you please upload some party makeups with the brands we get in US
    (maybelline, revlon, loreal etc..Would love to watch those videos.. btw,
    you look gorgeous… and please please please upload some skin care
    routines.. so skin is so good…:)

  • Mak3uPLoV3r Huda 4 years ago

    lukin beautiful..!!
    its really easy for beginners..!!

  • preethi Sivarajan 4 years ago

    U look stunning ankita. Ur skin speaks volume about the care u have taken.
    How za products has its part too… Now really tempted to try them. As
    usual the tut was helpful. Keep going girl 

  • Rashmi Manchanda 4 years ago

    Must say you have taken good care of your skin

  • Ann aTTIA 4 years ago

    pretty as always and I love your eyes make up

  • corallista 4 years ago

    Easy Party Makeup for Beginners : In this video, I’ve used budget makeup
    products to create a super simple bronze eye with winged liner, paired with
    pink-bronze cheeks and an understated red lip. More tutorials here :

    Enter my Giveaway here :

    Eye shadow blending tutorial :

    My Second Youtube Channel :

    List of Products used for this look -

    1. Colorbar Perfect Match Primer

    2. Maybelline Dream Mousse Liquid Foundation : Nude Light 4

    3. Maybelline Dream Touch Lumi Highlighting Concealer : Honey

    4. MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder : NC30

    (Sorry I didn’t have a budget powder at hand while filming this video. I
    would recommend Rimmel, Maybelline and Lakme for a good budget pressed

    5. Colorbar Touch and Blush : Paparazzi Bronze

    6. Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil : Black/Brown

    7. Bourjois Khol n Contour Pencil : Black

    8. Revlon Custom Eyes Eye shadow : Naturally Glamorous

    9. Maybelline Gel Liner : Black

    10. Colorbar eye lash curler

    11. Maybelline Magnum Volume Mascara

    12. Lakme 9-to-5 Lipstick : Scarlet Drill

    Hope this tutorial was useful! Thanks for watching!

  • Madhura Khandare 4 years ago

    Amazingly done … N super easy !!

    Just a small query – Would you recommend Maybelling dream mousse foundation
    for oily skin in Indian Weather??

  • Makeupaddict005 | Indian Beauty & Makeup Guru 4 years ago

    Glamorous & easy to pull off!! Btw that bronze eyeshadow looks quite a lot
    like MAC woodwinked eyeshadow..! Loved that pallete… Have to have it in
    my life!! 

  • Aman Preet 4 years ago


    Can i have the Foundation name please, I am trying to find but not able to
    find. or can you tell me shade no.


  • ivrsatya 4 years ago

    What shade are u in Loreal true match?

  • Porshiara Rashid 4 years ago

    did u ever use Reavlon clr stay foundation? if yes ,which shade is perfect
    for u? ur skin tone and my skin tone may b same,,,,u r very beautiful <3

  • Jessica Nyao 4 years ago

    Such a beautiful look, thank you so much for sharing! :) 

  • Gorgeous Nails 4 years ago


  • Gorgeous ankita
    Why did you apply a black kohl n smudge first? Bcoz I wann kno what
    techniques behind it.

  • Maithili Rane 4 years ago

    loved it…thnku

  • Tapsy Sharma 4 years ago

    Best party makeup for beginners using budget makeup products, Ankita. Can
    you suggest me some nice makeup brushes which I can buy online(Indian
    websites only)..? I have vega ones but the problem w/ them is when I touch
    their bristles to my face they give me prickling sensations, its just too
    bad. Even though I don’t apply any pressure. I’ve seen in your very
    starting posts that you too used to use Vega brush(s). What’s your thoughts
    about them?

  • Rita C 4 years ago

    I usually don’t comment on videos but I HAVE TO say that I’m really glad
    that you’ve been making these videos. As an Indian, there aren’t many
    makeup gurus on youtube that provides looks that would work with our skin
    tone, so I’m happy to see this! Plus, your accent makes me feel like I’m
    watching a cousin sister in Bombay or something, it’s very comforting!! lol
    Are you from there by any chance? 

  • Sugandha Dixit 4 years ago

    can u tell me where can i find d burjuios kohl n contour pncil n telld
    exact rate n shade plzzzz
    shade n whre can i get it

  • Rashmi Manchanda 4 years ago

    Also what’s your shade for mac foundation?

  • poonam dhamija 4 years ago

    Ur tutorials are always very helpful.. The eyeliner tutorial was so helpful
    as i can now apply eyeliner perfectly.. thanks.. Btw ur really beautiful..

  • sujata dhar 4 years ago

    Loved ur earning. From where did U get it?

  • Mabruka Jasmine 4 years ago

    I really liked the way you applied and blended your eye shadow. I’ve been
    watching your videos since a long time and love every single video of
    yours. Thanks for all the information that you share with us! 

  • nithi nishipadma 4 years ago

    Loved the look, it can be done for so many occasions..
    U look lovely :) 

  • ankita singh 4 years ago

    You look lovely :)
    I love your earrings, where did you get them from?

  • Sugandha Dixit 4 years ago

    i munable to find d kohl can u telld shade n from where i can buy plzz +Corallista
    Makeup Blog 

  • MissPeppermint 4 years ago

    thats a really nice video on skin care routine.. + you are GORGEOUS!! <3

  • Navya Kattikireddy 4 years ago

    I love the overall look. its great help for a beginner like me! thanks a
    ton helpful as always <3

  • Shweta Chandra 4 years ago

    Omg absolutely stunning…love ur so unique..i must say red is
    ur color…red hot..keep it up..

  • Gargi Singh 4 years ago

    Very useful tute Ankita. I especially loved the lipstick, it’s a very
    ‘safe’ red. 

  • Aruna Shivaprakash 4 years ago

    a really useful tut ankita … n omg u look really great n as always . . ;)
    keep rocking….!!!!