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Easy look for teens and makeup newbies who want a simple look using high street/ drugstore products. Good for high school or College girls X For all the prod…

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  • Lisa Eldridge 3 years ago

    The perfect look for teens and makeup newbies who want an easy, pretty look
    using high street/ drugstore products. Great for High school or College!
    #makeup #lisaeldridge #beauty #teens #highschool 

  • Rebecca Sneddon 3 years ago

    Wow that’s a load of products..haha, I guess I’m fine with mascara:)

  • Mamako0 3 years ago

    Don’t think teens should wear makeup to school, bad skin cleansing and turn
    their skin to horrible condition.

  • Hayley Thompson 3 years ago

    It’s a shame there’s so many young girls out there who watch youtube videos
    and end up going to school with contouring and too much concealer. This is
    exactly what young girls should wear. Beautiful! 

  • Uyen Minh 3 years ago

    Sophie is really beautiful. You make her totally shine!

  • lalagirl211 3 years ago

    Her face is so flawless :o

    Is she a model?

  • Chessie Domrongchai 3 years ago

    Can you please explain why you should not use cream blush over blemishes? 

  • Tracy Timberlake 3 years ago

    so fresh and pretty! i agree. a little mascara and gloss goes a long way :-) 

  • Jupy Massat 3 years ago

    Oh now I understand why everytime I used cream blusher, it always made my
    foundation caky and the scars I covered were rubbed off. Is there a good
    way for using cream blusher beautifully for those who have scars or

  • PeriwinkleFilms 3 years ago

    Did she brush the lashes with the brow comb after applying mascara? Does
    that make lashes softer and more natural looking?

  • Pamela Nguyen 3 years ago

    She is the cutest 16 year old ever! So fresh, innocent and sweet :) I wish
    I was more like her :) 

  • Miss Minnie 3 years ago

    she’s so beautiful she doesn’t really need makeup

  • Irina Mikheeva 3 years ago

    I think it’s too much for school. I wore only a lip balm and a powder.

  • Lisa Eldridge 3 years ago

    The perfect look for teens and makeup newbies who want an easy, pretty look
    using high street/ drugstore products. Great for High school or College!

  • kaleigh duggan 3 years ago

    I didn’t really love this video because when I was a teenager, I was really
    into playing with makeup and I think you should be “allowed” to wear
    whatever makeup you want to wear. I think sometimes people forget that it’s
    not wrong if a girl wants to wear more makeup simply for the love and
    appreciation of makeup. I just don’t appreciate it when people say
    that some girls wear more makeup to appear older, but I think there are a
    lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings when it comes to teens wearing

  • 020382a 3 years ago

    Lovely Sophie! She looks the same girl but flawless ! Still fresh and
    natural, which is the most important thing considering her age! I think a
    l’or of teenagers out there should watch this video:-)

  • carebearscooby 3 years ago

    Can you please do a makeup tutorial for university students? :) 

  • Jalisa Seedorf 3 years ago

    Sophie is absolutely beautiful. 

  • TheWanderbugChannel 3 years ago

    Starting college in two days and I’m dead nervous.
    I don’t even know how to use make up properly my face always looks cakey :( 

  • GreySkies23 3 years ago

    I would just like to thank you for all your wonderful tutorials. I
    discovered your channel in August last year, when my wedding was looming
    and I couldn’t afford to book someone to do my makeup. For a lass that had
    never used eyelash curlers and didn’t know what BB stood for, this was
    awful. After watching literally all of your tutorials, I felt empowered! I
    wore a vintage style dress with dark, red rose lips and fresh looking skin.
    I can’t believe how the photos turned out, I felt beautiful and received
    many compliments. I’ll be forever grateful to you for sharing your
    expertise and transforming an ugly duckling into a swan! From Mrs J Dunford

  • Meredith Hammett 3 years ago

    Gosh her skin was perfect before the BB cream. Oh to be young!

  • helent81 3 years ago

    When I was at senior school we absolutely plastered on the make up and were
    forever being sent to the loo to wash it off- Rimmel coffee shimmer
    lipstick which made you look like a corpse and constance caroll powder an
    inch thick. We also used to backcomb the front of our hair and spray it
    into a rock hard quiff kind of thing….i have no idea why this was seen as
    fashionable. if only we had had youtube to advise us :o ) 

  • jcjccmz 3 years ago

    this is a great look for any age. seriously, if you’re older, this look
    will help you look younger as i think a lot of makeup makes anyone look
    older. i can’t believe how many youtubers i’ve seen who say they are in
    their early 20s but look like they are in their late 30s because of the
    large amount of makeup they wear.

    sophie is adorable and so lucky to get made up by miss lisa!

  • aNiMeAddiCtZ26 3 years ago

    I really like this makeup..sad to say though, I don’t even know how to pick
    and use makeup XDD still..thanks for this video

  • savannashutter 3 years ago

    Sophie looks beautiful without any make-up! I love the way you do make-up.
    Its so pretty, not like most videos, that make you look like you got hit in
    the face with a cake. I normally never wear make-up, but I also get
    insecure because of blemishes. And this is my favorite tutorial so far. Two
    thumbs up =D

  • StarBurst 3 years ago


  • Samira A 3 years ago


  • Astearah chan 3 years ago

    What’s the brush kit called?

  • Sydney Holst 3 years ago
  • TheThailaRose 3 years ago

    She’s so sweet

  • Lauren Middleton 3 years ago

    wow, her skin is amazing!! 

  • Emily is the best and you know it 3 years ago

    I wish I could do just this. I’m 15 and have severe acne and horrible under
    eye circles. I have to do full coverage every day or else I get made fun of
    a lot for it.

  • Kim-Charise Warwick 3 years ago

    Personally I don’t think it’s appropriate for this much makeup to be worn
    to school. Save this for when you’re a little older. Preserve your
    beautiful young skin with good and gentle skincare and pretty lip gloss for

  • Rachael Jenkins 3 years ago

    You said this a drugstore tutorial, yet the moisturiser, highlighter and
    mascara are £60+ alone :( 

  • Stephanie Lee 3 years ago

    your daughter is perfect! so cute and beautiful :) 

  • Sydney Ann 3 years ago

    i dont see why so many peoplw are freaking out if someone in high school
    wears more than this even though i agree that a lot of people wear a ton of
    makeup for their age, it’s their decision so who the hell cares, they’ll
    learn from their mistakes

  • Makeupbystephv 3 years ago

    Aw Sofie is gorgeous! so adorable :) 

  • leona paric 3 years ago

    please , can somebody recommend to me a good cc cream? is clinique cc cream
    any good ( green tube)? i have normal to dry skin

  • manedrain 3 years ago

    I really wish I would have had access to videos like this one when I was in
    high school! Thank you Lisa!

  • Rebecca Rahi 3 years ago

    Hi Lisa, are you going to do a facial massage video?

  • Miranda Woodham 3 years ago

    Half the girls I go to school with wear a full on smoky eye every day. This
    is completely appropriate.

  • elinal855 3 years ago

    Wonderful video! Just a question, I’m really new to brushes – how often do
    you wash them? And how do you wash them – with regular soap? Thanks!

  • Zorielle 3 years ago

    It looks great nice natural look 

  • Amy Nightingale 3 years ago

    Sophie’s skin is beautiful and the look is completely wearable for school,
    in my opinion x

  • Molly MH 3 years ago

    I wish I had such fresh, clear skin at 16 lol

  • girl43 3 years ago

    I’m 25, can I still try this adorable look :-) ?

  • Darren Tan 3 years ago

    Her skin is literally flawless, it’s not fair :( 

  • magarimagari 3 years ago

    oh, dear lisa… really you have magic hands!!

  • Macy Lor 3 years ago

    A true makeup lover explore with makeup in any style. Too much or too
    little is called ART. I say either if you put a lot of makeup it’s okay,
    rock with it and have confident. It’s always great to have an open mind for
    makeup.. ^*^.. Take care girls.. Explore with makeup & have fun with it.. ^*^..

  • Macayla Radke 3 years ago

    Love this! But I think high school is a time of trying out new things and
    being creative before life gets serious, so I think so whatever you want
    with make up. In high school the only time I got out of the house was for
    school so I’d rock different looks everyday.