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  • Stephanie Benson 4 years ago

    I wish I could do that

  • Rachel Aly 4 years ago

    That stuff you used for the scars is awesome. I’ve watch a bunch of videos wwhere people use scar wax or latex. And I duuno. This was so cool xDD

  • Ирина Гусева 4 years ago

    Очень очень реалестично

  • Charles nuñez 4 years ago

    what’s fundation???

  • agentyellow2808 4 years ago

    I dont need a fake eyebags . i have real :)

  • Лярва Курдвина 4 years ago

    А можно…
    Ну, то же…
    Но, ниже…
    Ну, “там”…
    Хотя, зачем?
    Не, посмотреть…

  • Amanda Edwards 4 years ago


  • Jessie Kidd 4 years ago

    Your video’s have made me excited for next Halloween!!

  • lola jolie 4 years ago

    s’il te plait pourrai tu me dire ou tu trouve tous tes produit pour faire cette cicatrice ?

  • Данила Яковлев 4 years ago

    а ты русская?)))и вообше это дубляж или что?

  • marco antonio flores sanchez 4 years ago

    oooo esorealmente lo are en hallowiinn

  • ee23451 4 years ago

    This looks like slit mouthed woman

  • Анастасия Попова 4 years ago

    а рот то потом открывать можно?)

  • robby arnold 4 years ago

    Ur pretty

  • Ashley Joseph 4 years ago

    Luv it i did this

  • Shane Garstig 4 years ago

    i’m learning russian makeup terms. this is magnificent!

  • yessica vazquez ramirez 4 years ago

    que es el liquido que pusiste despues de dibujar las cicatris???

  • Zhansaya Beisenova 4 years ago

    I’m kinda the craziest fan of you. You are so beautiful.And you’re voice is so gorgeous.I’m waiting for a new video’s!!! I love you! Thanks so much to you’re mother for this amazing person like you! (i’m sorry if i have a mistake’s cause i’m not american))) ) love you!**

  • pateuTV 4 years ago

    why so serious?

  • shana allen 4 years ago

    So easy to achieve with such an impressive finished result! LOVE this :) thanks for posting!

  • MimeInManBody 4 years ago

    you’re amazing! :D

  • Арина Яловая 4 years ago

    Halloween and it looks very good! Хорошая идея, я сделала такое на хелуин и мне очень понравилось!

  • Арина Яловая 4 years ago

    Good idea! I tryed to do it for the hello w

  • Linda Fernandez 4 years ago

    nope, it may feel funny but doesnt hurt at all :)

  • IzzieHayashi 4 years ago

    Believe that this is a MAKEUP TUTORIAL not a hey let get saved video.

  • Dev Hall 4 years ago

    Alrighty, thank you! You’re videos are really awesome! And you’re really, beautiful :D

  • silvermistgal529 4 years ago


  • lillyruddick 4 years ago

    I’ve done every vid of u

  • lillyruddick 4 years ago

    omni love it on me

  • Ethan F 4 years ago

    wow !!