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Hey everyone! Here is my sexy cat eye look and 3 lip combinations! ​LipMonthly link: and promo code: HALLOWEEN Did you see my most rece…

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  • Amy Lavertu Roy 3 years ago

    In the vlog that your boyfriend just uploaded how rude is that girl that
    pushed you at 4:05 lol jeeezz!!

  • About Face 3 years ago

    Anyone else have trouble with the promo code not working?

  • Natalia Kom 3 years ago

    who on earth would want to wear a blue lip :D I love the pinkish lips
    though, looks great with your skin color and this whole makeup

  • Shaaanxo 3 years ago
  • Tiffany DeSilva 3 years ago

    I LOVE that cat eye! 

  • kait lyn 3 years ago

    What mascara did you use?!!!????!!!!!

  • Vanessa Bisetti 3 years ago

    L.A Girl eye liners are famous for using them on the lips

  • cutepolish 3 years ago

    Love this smokey eye look and how bold you are with your lip colours

  • Jessie Reinke 3 years ago

    Lip Monthly sends out discontinued and sometimes even expired products. 

  • kamila marzec 3 years ago

    can you tell me what colour hair you have. ??? please; ) regards;* 

  • kahliaanicole 3 years ago

    where can i find la girl products?

  • Brooke Elise 3 years ago

    i’m not mad that this is a sponsored video, but I wish you would have
    researched lip monthly first. they have a terrible reputation, and have
    given out expired and old products before.

  • Esther Hwang 3 years ago

    Woaaah that mascara looks so cool what is it??

  • Jay R 3 years ago

    the promo code doesnt work

  • Randi Walker 3 years ago

    That nude is BEYOND gorgeous on you!

  • Hollie Oilar 3 years ago

    Your look was beautiful. I loved it with the nude lip. Nude lip colors are
    so stunning on you. <3

  • Grace Latta 3 years ago

    This tutorial was awesome! something a bit different! you are always coming
    up with awesome ideas Shannon! <3 i dont know how ya do it xxx loved this
    lipmonthly service! such a good idea xxx and looking stunning as always

  • Dana Marie 3 years ago

    I love how you’re always uploading videos! 

  • Amy Huffam 3 years ago

    You are so beautiful :)

    btw, I make beauty videos ;) 

  • erin schill 3 years ago

    My fav look of yours u should do more like this 

  • Sarah Alyssa 3 years ago

    Personally, I like seeing from the very start to finish, I still enjoyed
    the video but I would’ve enjoyed it more if I got to see the foundation and
    brows! Just my opinion though :) Still beautiful!!

  • lolxoxo23 3 years ago

    What mascara do you use? +Shaaanxo 

  • Alexandra Rosiie 3 years ago

    Do you know that when I put my foundation and concealer and powder on it
    look like good my home light but when I go for example school my skin on
    face look just horrible! Every little pimpel shows up and also my dark
    under eye circels.. Could you please answer me, thanks! :) 

  • Mikayla S 3 years ago

    As always, love the vid!

    I signed up for lip monthly in September, the money came out of my account
    right away and my box should be sent in the month of October. I finally
    emailed the company since they said they would post updates on the website
    of any delays, and that you should get a tracking code when it ships
    (around the 10th). I never got any notifications, so I sent an email asking
    when I would receive my tracking code… I got an email back saying I would
    be getting my box in November, since that would be the following month. I
    replied saying that I ordered in September, meaning my box should come for
    October. Their response, was that they were sorry and that I was right-
    attached was my tracking info and my box should be here in a day or two.
    The point of this comment is to make sure you keep track of when you
    ordered and let them know if you haven’t received anything! I understand it
    is a new company, so just make sure you pay attention to when you
    ordered… However, I am still excited to see when my box arrives!

  • Caitlyn Nicole 3 years ago

    That nude is gorgeous on you! Being a fair skinned and pink undertone girl,
    I have trouble finding a suitable nude. Anyone have any brand/lipstick

  • نعومي نونو 3 years ago

    You are amazing and full of ideas I love video and thanks for sharing your
    tips with us

  • Hannah Bessolo 3 years ago

    +Bec Cooper I hope this is the right person. The Jumbo pencils need to be
    frozen then sharpened with a jumbo sharpener. YOU CANNOT SHARPEN THEM

  • Steff Gouldie 3 years ago

    Ah what’s that cute wee tool for your mascara omg I want it

  • Hannah A 3 years ago

    What brush did you use to apply your blush? xx

  • lisaguard80 3 years ago

    They’re is a beauty supply store where I live that sells Jcat products for
    cheap, I think the lipsticks are $2.00!

  • Marina Sanchez 3 years ago

    Please check out my account

  • mcrubatino 3 years ago

    I just got my bag too and did NOT get that lip crayon. I got all the other
    things though, the exact same stuff. WTH, isn’t every bag supposed to be
    the same pretty much? :/ Kinda pissed if they forgot t put a full size
    product in my bag that I should have received 

  • Jordyn Corum 3 years ago

    what mascara were you using?

  • callmeKaela13 3 years ago


  • Kylie Pigott 3 years ago

    3rd comment?!

  • Tis Is Simple Enough. 3 years ago

    what the hell kinda mascara brush was that?!?? :O

  • Anna Hershey 3 years ago

    I’ve said this before but I’m really amazed at the wide variety of lip
    colors you can pull off. Something that doesn’t seem as wearable to anyone
    just looks so fantastic on you!
    If I saw you on the street with a bright blue lip I wouldn’t even question
    it being a regular thing for you.

  • Michelle Morgan 3 years ago

    Oh damn! Jaclyn Hill just uploaded an eye look just like this 3 days ago.
    Love it! Hopefully just a coincidence. 

  • Food Luv Bites 3 years ago

    Really love all the shades, they look really nice on you!

  • Tiffany21NYC 3 years ago

    That cat eye eyeliner look is amazing on you! I’m a new subscriber and I’d
    love to know about that mascara brush you were using. Do you have a
    tutorial/review on it? I see in the description bar that your mascara was
    from Avon, but I’m curious to know if it came with that style of wand or
    did you get the wand/brush separately? :o )

  • Karlien Kemp 3 years ago

    Wow you are so stunning! :O

    Hey lovely people I just uploaded my first video, and I hate doing this but
    would love for you to go check it out! *cringes* hahah it would mean the
    world to me! anyway it’s only iphone quality but if people like it I’ll do
    a proper set up and start filming tutorials! Love Karlien xx 

  • Ellie Pointer 3 years ago

    Who is sully ??