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so as you guys know im obsessed with mineral makeup right now and i love elf’s. so i decided to get somemore of their MM line. ELF Mineral eyeshadow video: h…

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  • rachelbaby567 4 years ago

    I found a coupon code that is still active for 50% the mineral line & it’s ecd11 & there is one for the studio line which is ecd21

  • angelrgrs 4 years ago

    I know i’m like super late, but i really hope ur knee is 100% better!!! :-) :-)

  • SinCityMUA 4 years ago

    i have another elf haul video where i talk about the other brushes

  • sassyk100 4 years ago

    speaking of elf, i was thinking about buying some of thier brushes. Right now my whole collection is ecotools. so, I was wondering if you had any experiences with those brushes

  • SinCityMUA 4 years ago

    really? i love that color. glad you enjoyed my video :)

  • Ericaurr 4 years ago

    I hate the swatches on their site, it’s ALWAYS wrong! I thought Natural Nymph would be a nice nude, I try it on, and my lips are completely whited out. Daring doesn’t seem so daring lol. Wow .12 is a lot of product! My lower lashes get caught on that rubber part too. It can be annoying. I have a feeling the lipstick you got is Natural Nymph lol. LOVE those liners with the felt tip. I had no idea they came out with more colors, I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the haul!!

  • SinCityMUA 4 years ago

    ahhh thank you

  • Caitie Jaeger 4 years ago

    hope your feeling better you look great and cheerful as always!

  • missusleepy 4 years ago

    wow i know how u feel..the same thing happened to me but not with the boat i couldn’t walk for like a month

  • SinCityMUA 4 years ago

    thank you. and have fun shopping

  • Doradrummer 4 years ago

    Hope you get better even though I am a new subbie doesnt mean I dont care :D
    love your nail and make up color :D
    LUCKY , great haul….now I must go shop :D

  • GOTTALOVEMELI05 4 years ago

    love everything you go doll i also love elf i almost have everything from them i love their mineral lipsticks i havent try there mineral brushes so please do a review on that. love the peach blush from the mineral line cant wait to see your videos using all your new elf goodies =) xoxo melissa

  • SinCityMUA 4 years ago

    thank you

  • SinCityMUA 4 years ago

    ill have to check those out

  • uselessid90 4 years ago

    I told you about their weird lipstick packaging, huh??(; I like whipped mine out as soon as I saw yours does that, but mine doesn’t rattle:/
    Ooooo! I need some of those get liners! I got the coffee liner, and it wasn’t as pigmented as I wanted it to be, I’d rather use my brown NYC technical liner.
    “I shoot you not.” best. ever.
    I’m so jealous I missed that groupon deal!!!!

  • Stacy A 4 years ago

    I hope you feel better soon.

  • moedazzle 4 years ago

    OMG I have the same glasses! LOL I love them

  • MiSSAjam02 4 years ago

    I never look at elf’s mineral line, idk y, but I will have to look now. I have a few of the gel liners and love them, espically the darker purple (i thnk eggplant is the name) and I just ordered that teal one you have and now Im super excited to get it, cant wait to see your tutorails on it ! And I agree w/ u on those water proof marker liners, those are awesome ! Got a few of those too lol…. I cant wait to get my order soon !

  • jordanjoshua0709 4 years ago

    aww i hope ur kneee gets better that must suck even with kids that must be horrible for you

  • Layla8314 4 years ago

    I wasn’t able to use my Groupon during the sale, but it just gives me an excuse to buy more stuff…lol. Great haul!

  • SinCityMUA 4 years ago

    try a face primer first but what i suggest is starting micro dermabrasion. its a process but what it does is exfoliate the top layers of the skin which is the scarring

  • EthanCole15 4 years ago

    I was wondring if you can help me, I have bad acne scares and Iv used Palladio and it works pretty good,but is there something that will hide them 100%??

  • nuklear7 4 years ago

    i have their mineral foundation. it’s not bad when coupled with their studio concealer.

  • SinCityMUA 4 years ago

    ahhhhh *blushing* thank you and i missed you guys

  • SinCityMUA 4 years ago

    oh my me too

  • SinCityMUA 4 years ago

    i have please watch the other video i mentioned in the video i also do a makeup tutorial

  • SinCityMUA 4 years ago

    hahahahaha i know im just as addicted

  • AmourInfinity 4 years ago

    Leila i’m so mad you’re going to have me go back over there and order more stuff lol. I ordered for the 70 and 60 percent birthday sale and waiting on that stuff. I’m surprised i didn’t get much mineral stuff more studio and of course brushes. I do like their mineral glosses. I’ve had those and the lipsticks for a long time and really adore them. The cream liners are great and i just ordered the 2 newest colors which are the only ones i don’t have. Ty for sharing your haul.

  • mommyof6tx 4 years ago

    i want that teal tease!!! i never noticed it on the site! lol,i sure hope the government lets us do our taxes again,cuz that’s where most of my money goes,to makeup!

  • princessheatherbugg 4 years ago

    I sure do miss your pretty face :)