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NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED CREDITS han – daum music rom – kpoplyrics trans – popgasa SUBBED BY sujuaddict3.

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  • sujuaddict3 4 years ago

    PM’ed you :)

  • Nattnarin Pongchomporn 4 years ago

    it’s fast!
    but i want to know the name of fonts that you use it in this vdo can you tell me ?

    Thankyou so much for make subbing and answer :]

  • Chirsten T 4 years ago

    Eunji’s voice is really perfect.. She doesn’t only match with Huhgak’s voice.. It seems as if her voice will match well with anyone.. I mean listen to her songs with Yoseob and Inguk,; it sounds really good!

  • taetiseo fan 4 years ago

    UNIQUE AND CUTE!!!:)))

  • TheDylanJaustin 4 years ago

    Thanks for the subs! This song is so simple but at the same time so beautiful. Their voices really match.

  • sujuaddict3 4 years ago

    you mean the program? aegisub and virtualdub :) 

  • Zarifah Anis 4 years ago

    You so fast to subs..what you use to sub in video???