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Everyday Drugstore / Affordable Natural Makeup Tutorial ♡ MakeupByGio Hello angels! , I hope you enjoy this quick and easy everyday affordable makeup look, I…

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  • hodagamal 2 years ago

    You are gorgeous! Seriously, the best makeup tutorials on youtube! Very
    classy and easy techniques. I so much enjoy your videos. Love from
    Washington DC. xo

  • Keegan Zuris 2 years ago

    I absolutely love this look! So beautiful! Definitely going to recreate
    that smokey brown liner, it looks so soft and pretty for everyday. As
    always, love your channel! <3

  • Kaneshia Shana 2 years ago

    loved the video! TFS!!! Please check out my newest videos xo 

  • 26lacrymosa 2 years ago

    im falling love with your make up tutorial !!! You are gorgeous !!! And i
    want to say a thing if you do talk thru make up tutorial or chit chat with
    me make up tutorial , i will very happy . kiss you , love you, take care

  • Shana Moore 2 years ago

    beautiful, simple look! I have this vid on repeat :) I feel like this
    could’ve been an affordable victoria’s secret tutorial :) 

  • Jordan Seabright 2 years ago

    Really stunning, I dont do simple but this truly is stunning :) 

  • Ewa Latocha 2 years ago

    Girl, You’re so beautiful in each every look :) I watched all of your
    videos several times, please don’t stop doing what you do on your channel :) Take care , XoXo

  • Maha Noor 2 years ago

    Honestly your sooo beautiful and you can pull off any makeup look !!! Love
    you <3

  • cico941 2 years ago

    How old are you Gio ? Are you married.. If you dont mind me asking, youre
    absolutely adorable

  • laurenxtineb 2 years ago

    There’s a makeup giveaway on my channel right now! xoxo

  • Razia S 2 years ago


  • Sana S. 2 years ago

    Ugh I love these types of looks! They’re honestly the most flattering! Love
    you girl :) 

  • Roxey 2 years ago

    Girl, I love this tutorial! Your lipsshade is amazing here ;) 

  • Holly Polly 2 years ago

    Another stunning make up tutorial<3 as usual ur just soo good can your next
    one be a sort of katy perry holiday inspired make up cuz i rly think u sort
    of look like her i hope u like my idea haha :D 

  • awsome peep 2 years ago

    Wow could you show how to over line the lips?? Or do you already have a
    video? Love your technique looks natural, mine is obvious so I don’t do it 

  • Te Vass 2 years ago

    Do you know the specific name and color of the Maybelline Matte Bronzing
    Powder that you used?

  • Emina Solakoski 2 years ago

    Can u do Angelina Jolie inspired make up love ur videos

  • naimest aliya 2 years ago

    Ce makeup est juste magnifique comme d’habitude 

  • Kerri-Anne Reyes 2 years ago

    hey girl, i feel that your videos are getting quite similar.. not with your
    products because u have a lot of them. but the repetitiveness of your voice
    overs and recent looks are losing their ‘teaching quality’ as i do watch
    all your videos. Hope this comment doesnt offend X

  • alla podolskaya 2 years ago

    Very naturally!!!!!!!!!

  • Elisa de la Fuente 2 years ago

    Around 6:00, you used a GORGEOUS L’OREAL eyeshadow. Can I ask what it is?
    It’s absolutely stunning! I don’t believe it’s In the description. Thank
    you love you and all your videos XOXO

  • Lisa Billson 2 years ago

    I actually am shocked that I don’t own anything from the drugstore!! That’s
    like bizarre…actually I have one lipstick…but literally the drugstores
    cost more than MAC for me, so I never shop there!
    I’ve been thinking to pick up a few things though

  • Shefiqe Beylerli 2 years ago

    First like from Azerbaijan)))

  • Paleuxe 2 years ago

    You remind me so much of Sophia Smith, classy and beautiful. Loved this
    look,always appreciate a drugstore every day look. Good job ! xx 

  • Nicole Lawson 2 years ago

    Effortless and beautiful! I’m definitely going to try out that eye look! :)

  • Funsized Beauty 2 years ago

    this look is just so cute and its just flawless!

  • Jade Boylan 2 years ago

    Love this. could you do a khloe kardashine look when she went the MTV
    Africa awards her make up was to die for

  • Eli x 2 years ago

    I subscribed to your channel not so long ago, you’re super talented, love
    your videos!! I think you could do a Vanessa Hudgens inspired makeup from
    some red carpet appearance, your face shapes are very similar, both
    beautiful. Thank you XO.

  • Jennifer Duran 2 years ago

    Love the technique of using your cream and powder bronzer to contour your
    eyes before the eye shadows!!

  • Zejnelovska 2 years ago

    I have been enjoying the soft, blended liner lately also. I love you, have
    a great day! <3

  • Meryem Lemcharraf 2 years ago

    Hi! Elisa de la Fuente, i think (not sure) it’s the infallible eyeshadow in
    hourglasse beige :) they’re stunning i have them all hope it helps

  • Shauna Araujo 2 years ago

    dang girl your page is finally blowing up look at those views. i knew youd
    make it u kill every look =]

  • Billi Elson 2 years ago

    Such a beautiful makeup look, your such a talented lady :) 

  • Kendall7444447 2 years ago

    How do you keep your foundation from being blotchy throughout the day? My
    foundation looks so horrible 

  • Amanda Hammill 2 years ago

    I’m a natural makeup all the time kind of girl, you are by far one of my
    favorite youtuber you explain every detail so well that I feel like I can
    do any of your videos :) 

  • hani babe 2 years ago

    Thank you for all your videos!!! You hv been upload them so frequent these
    days and I love them!!! 

  • tracy will 2 years ago

    ur amazing mama love u heaps xxx

  • Laura Nielsen 2 years ago

    I love your makeup tutorials, you’re doing the best tutorials in my
    opinion! ♥