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  • Ann Silberman 3 years ago

    I just found you and this is the first video I’ve ever seen. I have three

    Your eyes are incredible.

    I have the same dresser. Kind of a pain to clean, eh, :) . My walls are a
    grey color and I like your white/cream better.

    Do not worry about what people say. I’m slightly in the public eye too in
    my writing field, which is nothing like your youtube success. Even with my
    lesser number, I get similar comments, and I realize I can’t make everybody
    happy. People bring their own experience to what they see in you, and some
    will be better than you really are, and some will bear no relation to who
    you really are. So all I can say to you, as an older woman, that if you are
    true to yourself the rest doesn’t matter. Sure, listen to complaints you
    deem valid: maybe you should do more drugstore, I don’t know. But if your
    passion and life is high end dramatic looks, then do that. If you clearly
    love it and excited about it, most will be too. And for those who are not,
    ignore them. There are plenty of drugstore gurus who are very good out
    there too.

    Sorry if this is a three year old vid. :) . I hope you see my comment or
    others like it that you are sure to get, and take it to heart. In this one
    video, I could tell you were a nice person. Now I’m off to watch more.

  • carmenls2 3 years ago

    How can you call it drugstore when you are also wearing high end?

  • CS chisholm 3 years ago

    I cant believe i JUST found you on Youtube! I have been watching your
    videos all day and OMG i love you already haha not only are your makeup
    skills amazing, you are also so down to earth and goofy! I noticed that
    right away. It seems like a majority of girls/families i watch on Youtube
    are getting a lot of hate lately and i have no idea why. Keep smiling and
    ignore the nasty comments. The good far out weighs the bad :) 

  • Aisling Aherne 3 years ago

    I really like this but I don’t know if it would look too great on me >~< I
    mean the color would be beautiful because I have blue-grey eyes and pale
    skin so it would be fine with that but I always do no makeup makeup stuffs.
    I literally conceal my eyes lids, smudge brown eyeliner on my lids and put
    on mascara x3 Meh, just not brave enough o.o BUT IT’S SOOOOOO PRETTY!!! Q.Q

  • Shelby Danielle 3 years ago

    Just bought the Amber rush yesterday! Can’t wait to do this look :D 

  • Roselyn Lopez 3 years ago

    What color is the Age Remind by Maybelline? By the way I just started
    watching your videos and I love them !!!!! Your an amazing makeup artist
    thanks for all the tip. 

  • Alayna Morgan 3 years ago

    First video i have ever seen of yours. and here are my thoughts:
    Your eyes are just… oh my gosh..
    you are so gorgeous.
    I can completely relate to you when you say that people see you as concede
    or fake. I too have had that problem and honstley that was my first thought
    of you but I realized i was being rude and thats not fair to judge by
    looks. I actually wasnt gonna subscribe to your channell because i have
    dozens and dozens of makeup and hair channels i am subscribing to but the
    last seven minutes of this video was really gnarly and im glad i watched
    it.You are super pretty and I honest to goodness would loe to know you in
    Anyways i hope that wasnt too weird ahah youre so pretty and i cant stop
    looking at your eyes, That eyeshadow does so much for you it brightens
    everything. Its gorgeous your gorgeous,.

  • energeez 3 years ago

    im a guy and i watch makeup tutorials because i find it meditating

  • Moni Mtenga 3 years ago

    love your you ever do tutorials for african american makeup? I’m
    new to the channel and still looking. I like your methods it’s not too
    heavy looking which i’m finding a lot with the black ladies doing makeup
    here on youtube.

  • Bethany Carlson 3 years ago

    I have been doing this look for a few months and still my mother-in-law
    compliments on how amazing my make-up looks. I also have been using the
    Mario Bedescu setting spray, I believe it works better for me because I am
    all kinds of crazy dry and it makes my skin look ‘DEWY’ and amazing. That’s
    my personal preference, however I am trying to find different setting
    sprays to try out… any ideas??

  • Simone Ross 3 years ago

    Hi Jaclyn!!! Love your tips!!! Just a question though, do you have any
    other brush line you would recommend that does not use animal hair? Thank

  • Hayley Spear 3 years ago

    Aww I love the amber rush eye shadow on you! I need to go get it! Love this
    look girly!

  • romaine calacsan 3 years ago

    Can i wear this with a bold red lips??

  • jacqueline kelly 3 years ago

    Haven’t been here since day one but since I have watched you Iv learned so
    much about makeup and you are one of my favorites that I watch a lot, don’t
    always comment but I def watch lol I love how talented you are and your
    personality, don’t worry about the other people, they have nothing better
    to do! We love you!!

  • Georgette Teekel 3 years ago


  • Ana Ordaz 3 years ago

    So I guess this comment is old, as the video but I just wanted to say that
    I can’t afford all the expensive make up you do but by watching your videos
    I can recreate your looks using drug store products and little by little I
    buy make up from Mac, and sephora and all those other brands. Just cause
    someone can’t afford high end brands doesn’t mean you can recreate the
    look. There are so many drug store products that will do the job! Love you

  • diddy mayangsari 3 years ago

    makeup is personal yet universal, what works for her might not works for us
    and so on. let’s just be fun and chill, at the end of the day, we’re going
    to wipe it off anyway.. whether it’s tom ford or elf. also, if you think
    she’s not cool, get off.. close the window and watch some other beauty
    gurus :-) I love you Jaclyn, don’t let those dimwits get you, xoxo

  • EverythingByDee 3 years ago

    I ran across this video and it’s the first time I’ve ever seen you on
    Youtube and can I say, your eyes are sooo pretty! As well as, like you
    said, your “RAWNESS”. I loved it, just subscribed. :) I admire your kind
    heart Jaclyn! 

  • Chelseaa Andersonn 3 years ago

    Does anyone think this look is a little too much for an everyday makeup
    look for school? I’m 16 (:

  • lisalmf123 3 years ago

    your eyes/eyeshadow looks great. Unfortunately for me I have sensitive eyes
    and can’t use eye liner or mascara, I will tear up.

  • just another bacon lover 3 years ago

    It’s pronounced Anna-stay-she-uh but quickly. Anastasia….

  • Kylie Edwards 3 years ago

    You do your makeup so well and you are so pretty! You are amazing! 

  • Danielle Smith 3 years ago

    ur videos r lovely! i was wonndering if u have or could do a video to
    feature affordable face brush dupes to the brushes u use for foundation and
    stuff thatd b so awesome! ive always just been a shadow wearer and playing
    with different shadows i just recently got interested in doing the whole
    face and completeing a look and would like to get find some good brushes
    that r affordable :) thank u!

  • Kayla Tornquist 3 years ago

    Can you do cheap brushes that are comparable ? :) 

  • Carly Backs 3 years ago

    For the concealer should everyone get the same shade? Like should everyone
    get the lightest color possible or should everyone go like two shades
    lighter than their foundation? Someone please answer!

  • Jennifer Pedroza 3 years ago

    Your videos are amazing! I hope youre feeling better about the comments
    people were leaving you! I love all your makeup tips keep doing your thing
    and try not to listen what anyone says! 

  • butifuldzaster 3 years ago

    Another great tutorial. I was just about to click to another one and then
    I heard you start talking at the end and I scrolled back up. For the life
    of me, I have no idea why anyone would make ugly comments when all you are
    trying to do is share your knowledge of makeup in order for other women to
    feel pretty and empowered. I have a lot of drug store make up and I also
    have some higher end make up. There are times when I can afford it and
    times that I can’t – when I can’t afford it, I try to find a dupe and when
    I can afford it, I buy one thing and call it buying myself a present. I
    have a 19 year old daughter who does not wear a lot of make up but the make
    up that she does buy, is mostly from sephora or online. I do this because
    I never could afford things when I was her age and I want her to have it
    now so she can enjoy it. It makes things tougher on my pocketbook but she
    deserves her “presents” too. She also has some NYX products that are VERY
    affordable. I think it is very sad that people have to be ugly to each
    other and pass judgement on you because you. It’s childish and very petty.
    You are doing something that is fun for you AND also educating us. As
    easy it was for them to find your videos, it is just that easy to hit that
    little X or go to someone elses video – but some ppl just want to be
    Keep doing what you are doing – I think you are adorable. And this is
    coming from someone that could easily be jealous of you – but why? I’d
    rather go have a drink with you or go shopping – MUCH MORE FUN than being a
    mean downer. :)
    I think you are adorable. Karen

  • Andrea Rosko 3 years ago

    I LOVE your videos. I honestly didn’t understand the difference between
    concealer and foundation, or even know how to apply eyeshadow correctly (as
    stupid as that makes me sound). But after watching your videos, I feel like
    I really know how to perfect my makeup now. I feel better about myself.

    The next time you go to Chicago, you should make a pit stop in Michigan
    City (indiana).
    Love your videos, keep being you!

  • Darci Stewart 3 years ago

    I love your videos Jaclyn! I know that you like shimmer, and dewy looks, so
    I bet you would like loreal’s visible lift blush. It’s a creammousse-y
    type blush, and it has a bit of shimmerluminous type look to it. It kinda
    reminds me of the bouncy blush. But yeah, if you haven’t already, you
    should try it! 

  • MENGYING ZHU 3 years ago

    I thought your video is grwat and you are nice. those people just don’t
    understand that everyone has their own challenge, compliant all day long
    just don’t solve the problem. why not have fun, being positive and do
    things you’re passionate about. 

  • Brieanna spence 3 years ago

    You’re so beautiful I wish I could pull off more of a natural look!

  • Camille Ganancial 3 years ago

    “Greased chicken”

  • Faith Balkenbush 3 years ago

    Love the extras. I like the way you open up. You’re so honest and real.

  • Jenni Beery 3 years ago

    Love! Thank you!!

  • Paola Ron. 3 years ago

    I liked this tutorial… She’s funny :D great personality!

  • chloe donefer 3 years ago

    You are so amazing your sooo good at makeup! You don’t need that much
    makeup though! Your beautiful

  • Skye Allison 3 years ago

    Your soo up lifting when my dog died I watched your vids and they made me
    smile thank you so much for makeing my day 

  • itara sosa 3 years ago

    I love this look! And I totally understand what you mean about all the
    drama, people don’t know you and it’s rude to make assumptions. But
    remember that there are a lot and I do mean A LOT of ignorant people in
    this world. I know you’re a real person and obviously you’re not going to
    react the same for every situation, so you’re not all smiles all the time.
    We’re all like that, we have our troubles.
    I love the way that you are, please don’t change cause I get you and I’m so
    glad I got to sub to your channel. 

  • Dee Mee 3 years ago

    Jacklyn I love you loaaaaaads

  • Alizay Zahra 3 years ago

    I really liked your tutorial. You’re pretty cool

  • Lizzy Bug 3 years ago

    I tried this look yesterday and got tons of compliments from everyone!
    Thanks for coming up with it. It’s gorgeous.

  • em mcmeekin 3 years ago

    this is now my every day look. you are absolutely stunning by the way!!

  • Tully Soulliere 3 years ago

    Love you dork! ur not conceited ! your spirit is a glowing as ur skin .Your
    a love dove .Hang in there your a beauty! Yes inside and out.That is
    something that is hard for negative people to take .I have the same issues
    at times .I am not the worlds most beautiful woman but I would say i am
    pretty for my age and some people don`t handle that in a nice way.They may
    take beauty and sweetness or kindness and try to twist it into a negative
    Some people are shallow but we are sensitive to all emotions even other
    peoples .And it affects us because we (are )compassionate . But I know and
    you know we would not change our level of compassion to mean and cold ,that
    would be what haters love .They are dark and mean, oh and they suck! so let
    them get bent and we shall gloss our pretty ,lips dry our pretty eyes smile
    at them turn and walk away secretly I flip some of them off and for some i
    pray !!!!!! just say-n…you rock girl….Tulls


  • Jeraldine Delacruz 3 years ago

    I freaking love you!!!…great work keep doing what you doing!

  • Javaneh Fakhra 3 years ago

    U just touched my heart I literally was crying for 10 minutes after seeing
    ur tears :( ( thats just so hurtful to hear =(( love u for every moment u
    spend for us <3

  • Lisa Ludwig 3 years ago

    Thank you soooo much for sharing your how to videos with us. I think you
    are beautiful inside and out. 

  • Samantha Diaz 3 years ago

    I just sat through about 4 videos straight… when I should be doing other
    things lol. My new fave makeup person! <3 

  • Jaime Murphy 3 years ago

    Please don’t let these people get to you. We can tell u r a fun loving girl
    who LOVES all makeup. Some people r just so hateful and jealous. I can’t
    afford the high end makeup BUT it doesn’t mean I don’t LOVE watching and
    learning all I can from u. Stay true to u and never apologize for what YOU
    worked ur butt off for.