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HAAAY luvs here is another makeup tutorial but this is a makeup look that my fiancé LOOOOVES lol dnt forget to thumbs me up!! INSTAGRAM:@sofreshdyamond Like …

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  • Tamar Terrell 3 years ago

    Is it me or does she look like Trina I just love your vids 

  • Aleeyah Lewis 3 years ago

    You are so beautiful. U look pretty with and withought make up!

  • rashidabarry 3 years ago

    I see why he likes the natural you are beautiful, thank you for the video

  • meesha lacey 3 years ago

    Purple lips aren’t natural. Looks nothing natural. 

  • Nakamura Samantha 3 years ago

    that mascara is the best..i like your makeup 

  • Anika Wilfred 3 years ago

    that nail shape tho….

  • NaturalBellaFace 3 years ago

    Love the look and vid!! You seem very real and honest and thank you for
    that. I have been watching makeup tutorials all day and it’s a shame i
    have to try and decipher if the vlogger actually is telling the truth or if
    they are saying exactly what the company instructed them too. 

  • peng jia sim 3 years ago

    I love the kiss bb cream too it’s amazing… Girl you are gorgeous! 

  • PrettyMeDown 3 years ago

    I thought my fiance was the only one. He can’t stand it and doesn’t
    understand why i can spend so much on makeup. But i love it and girl you
    nailed this look hunty YESSSSS

  • Mz BlackBeauty 3 years ago

    My dude is the same he hates my makeup. Lol. Cute tho. 

  • Angela Wilkins 3 years ago

    You know men don’t really like makeup. My fiance is the same exact way.
    Date nights I keep it “natural” glam. But I love the look!

  • SMARAGH20 3 years ago

    FINALLY someone on youtube who’s specifically my color skin! Thank you for
    these tips and tricks! Love it and keep it coming!

  • mrstammie100 3 years ago


  • latijera moody 3 years ago

    This is cute

  • Shastar Jackson 3 years ago

    Do u still use smash box foundation?

  • xxMeSm3rizingDriahxx 3 years ago

    Beautiful! * New Subbie *

  • Kori Barnes 3 years ago

    Does the BB cream work for oily skin also? 

  • Mi Michelle 3 years ago

    Very instructional video and beautiful look

  • louisianamrs 3 years ago

    Love this…new sub

  • Kateřina Karásková 3 years ago


  • Monique Smith 3 years ago

    Hey MsDymond is there a dup for the MAC Primp and Prime In peach luster???

  • Tanisha Shanelle 3 years ago


  • amelia williams 3 years ago

    Gorgeous! I love your skin

  • Lesley Horat 3 years ago

    Oh my gosh! You are way too pretty without makeup!

  • Kamara Smith 3 years ago

    Definitely need to hop on this BB cream train, that looks so natural and

  • sharonda lavonn 3 years ago

    New sub

  • DeMi Franklin 3 years ago

    Very pretty and definitely very natural looking. Great job. Kisses BB
    Crème is EVERYTHING!!! Who knew…. :) 

  • Tanisha Shanelle 3 years ago


  • TheFoxylady14 3 years ago

    So pretty and natural looking!

  • neonluv40 3 years ago

    If you shake the LA Girl Concealer, it helps with the breaking down of the

  • tyineekia rhodes 3 years ago

    cute make-up. Your fiance` sounds like my hubby. Lol!!

  • IcedLipGloss 3 years ago

    your skin is so beautiful, currently working on my dark spots and undereye
    circles. i hate looking like a different person without makeup :(