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OPEN ME*** Welcome back to my channel everyone! Or greetings to new viewers! This weeks video has been highly requested and is my everyday makeup and foun…

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  • Treana von Elbe 2 years ago

    you seriously could be a model! love the makeup btw :) 

  • Isa van Galen 2 years ago

    You’re makeup is amazing! Can you yell me witch shade you have used of the
    true match foundation? 

  • Kayla Casillas 2 years ago

    Cannot handle how gorgeous you are! With and without makeup you are

  • ozwog 2 years ago

    i googled frank body and the 3rd hit was your review video, i watched it
    because i’m a dude and skeptical about rubbing coffee stuff on your body to
    make the skin all nice and smooth, anyways i ended up here and i watched
    the whole thing. i just wanted to say though, it’s amazing what make up
    does. the part before you put make up on and i can’t emphasise this
    anymore, is that you have natural beauty look. that is the best make up in
    my opinion. p.s im a little drunk off my chops right now and i wish you
    would pop out of the screen and have a chat about how awesome dolphins are
    when they squeek and do backflips. hollaaaaa!!!

  • Piperbabe22 2 years ago

    Okey, this is a very wierd compliment, but you have the perfect forhead :O
    No lines and waow :P Gorgeours makeup :) !!

  • Stephanie Mayoral 2 years ago

    Step 1: Be outstandingly beautiful and not need makeup to look pretty.

  • Chloé Zadori 2 years ago

    Wow you are too pretty!! :) xx

  • Amber Nicole 2 years ago

    I have been searching foundation videos all day and I found this one the
    most helpful. Thank you <3

  • alize0623 2 years ago

    I’ve never worn fake eyelashes before like…ever. My lashes are long
    enough as it is. I would like them to be THICKER though. Flutter-like even.
    How do I do that?

  • La'Prefect Learner 2 years ago

    am a youtuber hun just came across your channel and am in love with you
    well done 

  • einmalex 2 years ago

    Your eyebrows give me life! You’re beautiful

  • Sebelle Sharmine Ho 2 years ago

    & the “funny face” you make it so cute!?!?!?! Hahaha!

  • Chantal Hermetz 2 years ago

    you are stunning holy crap

  • Heny Harun 2 years ago

    Gorgeous look, great video :) What camera do you use if I may ask? Thank

  • Valterra Vii Valencia 2 years ago

    I find those little expressions you make when putting on mascara or
    eyeliner absolutely adorable. Brings a smile everytime I see them. Awesome
    tutorial as always.

  • KinaaSmallss 2 years ago

    You are soo gorgeous! I can’t get over you, soo pretty and I just
    subscribed! :D 

  • Mrs15swain05 2 years ago

    Katerina!! Hi…hope you don’t mind me asking, what is your nationality? 

  • Angel Pinkoolaid 2 years ago

    wow you look so beautiful with or without makeup <3

  • Makeup by Mehry 2 years ago

    Your contour is on point. Great work girlfriend! 

  • AllAboutThatBeauty 2 years ago

    You’re so gorgeous!!!

  • Cassiie May 2 years ago

    Love the faces you pull!! So cute!

  • malakTM22 2 years ago

    Your Mouth

  • Sadie_J 2 years ago

    Finally! A video using this palette without winged liner! You enhanced your
    natural beauty instead of trying to look like someone you’re not.

  • Sukona Sam 2 years ago

    Just checked your channel and subbed! Very nice tutorial and you look
    amazingly pretty!

  • Sebelle Sharmine Ho 2 years ago

    Omg love this!! Just subscribed x

  • Reanne Langit 2 years ago

    I was just looking for a tutorial using the naked basics palette and
    stumbled upon your video. Goodness you’re so beautiful! I really liked this
    eye look too. I’m going to try it out. 

  • Lauralea D 2 years ago

    Love the video. Your look seems like you can wear it day or night… which
    I love. Thanks for sharing.

  • laurajeanist 2 years ago

    you. are. gorgeous. and look like brooke shields. i wouldnt be surprised if
    you had a millions subscribers by the end of the year

  • Iris Grossman 2 years ago

    holy mother of God! you’re so beautiful! perfection! :) 

  • BohemianBelle 2 years ago

    Okay… How do people like you exist? You’re flawless. 

  • Veronica Shavie 2 years ago

    You are just lovely. Great video!!!