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READ ME ! ^_^ Hello everyone! This video is a ‘Korean Natural Makeup Look’. It is a everyday wearable look, so I hope you guys enjoy! :) Products mentioned i…

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  • minnieMe888 4 years ago

    this is really a nice everyday look :) <3 love it!

  • Timothy Cheong 4 years ago for korean cosmetics

  • nicknick nicks 4 years ago

    the eyebrows looks so nice. ^^

  • luvsuju pun 4 years ago

    so cute!! i will make it

  • yellowbearington 4 years ago

    hi guys! I am giving away korean skin care products, face masks, and body products! If you ever wanted to try asian cosmetics, this is your chance! You will have a really high chance of winning so make sure to enter =D

  • Rice BunnyMe 4 years ago

    Why asian are cute???

  • yukiXD832 4 years ago

    where do you get ur makeup frm? if u buy it online can u send a website? plez

  • iffahsyuhada43 4 years ago

    I really love it

  • syazana karim 4 years ago

    for an asian(im asian too), your eyelashes are pretty long!

  • china doll 4 years ago

    Wow this makeup is sooo pretty :) totally gonna try this out!!!

  • neko chan 4 years ago

    i have sth to ask u . Im a student so i have to go to school n other places for studying . So …. do i have to use BB cream ? since my skin is so sensitive so im kinda like … im afraid to put blush or cream on my face :)

  • iMimiiTran 4 years ago

    What color is your hair dye?

  • Yubraj Bajracharya 4 years ago

    Hi, are you familiar with “HAiRator” yet? Just have a look at their internet site: There I have discovered a great and pain-free hair removal alternative that requires absolutely no shaving and / or waxing. The truth is, this specific method has been highlighted in Vogue. It helped Anna to enjoy long lasting smooth skin. I hope it will work for you as well…

  • Serina Le 4 years ago

    Lol you can hear you’re camera changing focus ^-^ but luv the look! I’ll give it a try

  • vietlove1997 4 years ago

    What is your hair color? i love it! i want it ! :D

  • yui BiBi 4 years ago

    coooool!! what camera do u have ??? plz answer this question!

  • OnleeAmore 4 years ago

    Sony A55 :)

  • Amanda Fowler 4 years ago

    OMG what camera do you have? I need it so much!

  • mikoyemi 4 years ago

    omg, the makeup makes you look 5 years younger O_O

  • lauwie Zalme 4 years ago

    i think it isnt kpop look because you didnt use bb cream T_T

  • singa elf 4 years ago

    i actually think that ur eyes look better without fake eyelashes -o.o

  • Lisser Low 4 years ago

    i dont know y but u kinda look like Gong Li at certain angle

  • Miss17February 4 years ago

    You’re so pretty~~!

  • 6bittersweets 4 years ago

    Nice tutorial — would you please share what brush you used to put on the eyeshadow? Thx!

  • Zhao Abby 4 years ago

    try put some eye shadow on the top of eyeliner, it helps to me. at the same time, your eyeliners will look more natural.

  • Nicole Quynh 4 years ago

    I am obsessed with Kpop and Kdramas and well Korean boys haha so this is perf!

  • Kathy Zhu 4 years ago

    Hey I have a question, dosn’t the eyeliner throughout the day get on the upper part of your eyelid? That happenes to me all the time .-. and I hate it.

  • Azuka Chan 4 years ago

    you’r skin is so perfect *-* 

  • kyeyee4688 4 years ago

    한국사람 이에요?

  • ChieriReicheru2 4 years ago

    I Have the same mirror

  • MochiSunshine 4 years ago

    So pretty ^_^

  • Maggie Chen 4 years ago

    I do not think its Korean makeup. Korean style makeup should be more radiant finishing than matt finish.

  • 510235 4 years ago

    the sound when the camera adjusting itself is…. a tad annoying

  • Primroseloveful 4 years ago

    i like you hair *-*

  • dxdon1000 4 years ago

    i wanna buy my gf some natural make up set for valentine.. she never wear make up.. should i use those recommended items?

  • ditzystarsz 4 years ago

    Hey guys, please check out my channel!
    And even Subscribe if you like 
    Ok then c ya l8er in my videos

  • starfirechik 4 years ago

    Is your elf angled brush really good? I need to buy one since I use gel eyeliner but idk which type I should. Recommendations?

  • Chong Cmeiqi 4 years ago

    love ur tutorial! pretty!

  • MissLena15 4 years ago

    You’re so pretty!! and I love this look!

  • Dayyumful 4 years ago

    i know that this is really out of the topic, but can i know what font did u use for this vid?