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  • lauren treharne 4 years ago

    your brows are perfection …

  • ChloeTravels 4 years ago

    Camila, please do more ‘everyday’ looks, different variations without too heavy. :) beijo

  • Jing Liang 4 years ago

    Omg, I love it so much when you teach simple Portuguese at the start of your tutorial~

  • Laziza S 4 years ago

    Oh you look so much younger without make up!

  • anju jibraan 4 years ago

    u r gorgeous with the make up or with out.
    love u a lot .

  • KisstheSkyBright 4 years ago

    U look like khloé kardashian!!

  • Bożenka Gawlik 4 years ago


  • ida ilomäki 4 years ago

    U look little bit like mila kunis :o

  • Alexa Pedi 4 years ago

    Your are such a beautiful mix of Eva Mendez and KIm Kardashian.

  • silvana peres 4 years ago

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  • sweetcupcakes8a 4 years ago

    I’m mexican… Gosh portogise is so hard to learn, but yeah, there is a bit of simalirities

  • Grace Didonatto 4 years ago

    whatsin my purse vid!

  • carminengracia 4 years ago

    Oi meu nome é Carmina!!and i like some much your videos,you’re so pretty with or without makeup(‘-’*)

  • anitayaj 4 years ago


  • Gabryella Carvalho 4 years ago

    cá, você sempre muito linda! mas eu tenho uma pergunta: você usou corretivo no rosto inteiro?

  • Clara Jardim 4 years ago

    Heyy please watch my video i’m just starting!

  • Joeth Bogo 4 years ago

    OMG you’re beautiful without make up :-)

  • AlkminiMp1 4 years ago

    Please do Katherine’s pierce make up tutorial !!!!

  • Bela .Martins 4 years ago

    when they talk fast, it’s impossible to understand.

  • Yasmin Ribeiro 4 years ago

    Adoro ela falando inglês *U*! Bjs Camila

  • MilexSundaii 4 years ago

    You are beautiful <3333

  • Alma Torres 4 years ago

    I would say its a little more similar because a spanish or portuguese speaker can understand a little of each other, whereas a german or english speaker can’t understand each other at all.

  • Bela .Martins 4 years ago

    yeah, but I’m brazilian and i see there’s a lot of difference

  • MrAzz16 4 years ago

    You Look Like Eva Mendes

  • darinkas003 4 years ago

    You did the eyeliner so quickly! It takes me always 10 minutes to make good line ;) You’re so great ;)

  • Polizeifly 4 years ago

    Great and really useful tutorials, thx dear from Germany ♥ ヅ