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  • Kacey Vrooman 4 years ago

    You’ve probably heard this before, but you look a lot like Kelly Osbourne. And it’s not just the hair color lol.

  • Daniella D. 4 years ago

    i use the same BB cream ! Its amazing

  • Libby Andrus 4 years ago

    I’m not even 30 seconds into the video and I’m already sitting here like, ‘she’s adorable.’

  • kfecundo 4 years ago

    Her hair has purple in it, genius. It’s not natural.

  • April Boddington 4 years ago

    I love how you say “so there we go”

  • Taylor B 4 years ago

    I’m going to buy that BB cream looks amazing on you! Tanks!

  • Tyra Nicol-Dunn 4 years ago

    what song is this? :)

  • chocothundaxx 4 years ago

    we have the same foundation routine :)

  • Lysha Megan 4 years ago


  • Elle P 4 years ago

    how did your friend do your hair? would love the same colour :) thanks!

  • Brielle Owens 4 years ago

    Hello everyone. I am a new Beauty Guru and i realllly would like for people to check me out and give me pointers on what i need to do better. yes, i am African American. there arent many of those here on youtube so please just give me a chance. i would really appreciate it. thanks a bunch <3

  • kpreston61 4 years ago

    she most likely dyes her hair.

  • Natasha hardaker 4 years ago

    Hey could you please checkout my NEW blog reviewing makeup products!

  • ButterflyGal1238 4 years ago

    Big w, target, woolies

  • beautysparkle1 4 years ago

    I subbed you, I do hair/makeup/fashion hauls and reviews too <3
    sub me back for supporting :)

  • Torie W 4 years ago


  • Katie Catherine 4 years ago

    I know this is completely off topic but where can you buy ulta 3 nail polishes in Australia?

  • NikijTV 4 years ago

    Hi my name is Niki, I have a beauty and fashion channel

    I would love for you and whoever else to check it out :)

    xoxo Niki J

  • THATEllieKiid 4 years ago

    Loved this video! That BB cream looked brilliant on you, This may sound weird but it irritates me when other beauty gurus get the wrong shade and they either look sick or orange. Lots of love all the way from the United Kingdom xo

  • TheBeautyPlatform 4 years ago

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  • missmbond 4 years ago

    for something to affect the growth of your lashes it would have to be at the root/hair follicle, so an ingredient that just coats your lashes won’t do that, just like a conditioner that coats your hair doesn’t make your hair fall out, it’s not getting into the follicle

  • onlyogresknow 4 years ago

    Hi! I am an Australian fashion/beauty blogger starting out on youtube. If you could go and check out my videos and give me some feedback, that would be lovely! Thanks xx

  • PurpleSeaDonkey16 4 years ago

    Where do you get your elf products from??

  • hydeistlove 4 years ago

    You are gorgeous shell~ i need a good bb cream..yours looks good! But its cray that it smells like alcohol! :/

  • catlover1812 4 years ago

    You have gorgeous eyes !

  • jodik76 4 years ago

    Gorgeous Shell! Jodi xo

  • glamourchice92 4 years ago

    Gorgeous as always Shell :) if you have a free moment I would really appreciate if you and your subscribers could check out my first (kinda glitchy) get ready with me and let me know what you think! xxxx

  • sweetmac xo 4 years ago

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  • Nattynatnat1984 4 years ago

    That intro was a bit sexual, haha

  • Tiffany Webb 4 years ago

    Hey shell ! im going to a wedding in a month time and i really want to do a brown smoky eye. Do you have any suggetions or if you could do a makeup tutorial doing a formal makeup look ? Thanks ! :) x

  • Brooks Vaughan 4 years ago

    Are your brows naturally that dark or have you colored them? I know you’re naturally brunette, but I am as well and I only wish my brows were that dark! I love your brows!

  • tashateacup 4 years ago

    hahahaha gumby wink