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Today, I talk dirty to you guys while doing my makeup.. Or just regular talk to you guys… Nothing dirty.. Don’t even know why I mentioned that. Oh well! En…

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  • Jenxfashion 3 years ago

    Super cute arden!! your adorable, i make videos too if you want to check
    them out :) 

  • t33ngoth 3 years ago

    yoooo not all women have periods and not all people who have periods are
    women :) )) friendly reminder

  • Jessica Fritz 3 years ago

    What was the thing she said when she called her blush the more *_* version
    of the bobbi brown shimmer brick. She said some word but I didn’t know
    what the word was. She said it at like 4:54

  • Natalie Ann 3 years ago

    hahah can i regift the period? hahaha 

  • Mikayla Bone 3 years ago

    I think that little layer on your powder might come from leftover unblended
    foundation and oils from your skin that transfer onto your product from the
    powder brush. I have the same problem now, but it only started happening
    once I switched from just wearing BareMinerals pressed powder foundation
    over primer to wearing a liquid foundation under that. Not sure what the
    best solution would be other than just to wait a little extra time and use
    blotting paper to remove excess oil from your face after applying
    foundation and before applying powder. It also helps to put a little loose
    powder over your foundation before going in with a heavier pressed or
    translucent powder. I am not a professional by any means though, so that’s
    just a suggestion. 

  • mavvvcastro 3 years ago

    why do you remind me of viola hastings from she’s the man

  • Ziasia Renee 3 years ago

    Every time she says first thing first I mentally say , “im the realest

  • Hannah Cockshutt 3 years ago

    Love this eyeshadow look soooooooo much!! I’m definatley doing this on the
    first day of school! Perfect for blue eyes.

  • Theresa R 3 years ago

    her left eyebrow looked sO MUCH DARKER UGAJAOSBS

  • Léo H 3 years ago

    4:20 It happens very often with Bourjois products, you just have to rub
    your bronzer with a kleenex until it’s no more frosted if you know what I
    mean ;) 

  • Arden Rose 3 years ago

    Talk dirty to me *cue saxophone*

  • kelly grime 3 years ago

    Wher me did you get your shirt?

  • TwinkieToes 3 years ago

    I hate when that layer thing happens. It happened to my urban decay setting
    powder right after I bought it. I ended up scratching the surface to get

  • Amy Comstock 3 years ago

    am i the only one who noticed that she forgot to contour half of her face?

  • ajmazing 3 years ago

    I’m a boy… I just don’t understand why girls need makeup everyday, BOYS
    DONT WEAR ANYTHING!!! It makes me…oh forget it 

  • AmourGlamourfied 3 years ago

    Omg where did you get your shirt/dress????

  • Kimz Pickle 3 years ago

    +Arden Rose haha omg, I have the same horrible lip story!

  • Zoey K. 3 years ago

    One eyebrow is darker than the other

  • Rachel Peterson 3 years ago

    Believe it or not my sister is upset because she can’t have her period. She
    has a disorder where she can’t have: kids, period or sex.

  • hye0h 3 years ago

    i love you but you know.. this video, you were annoying the fuck out of me

  • Christina Yoon 3 years ago

    the foundation isnt blended well near your scalp and its driving me nuts

  • Arin Avari 3 years ago

    when you were talking about your lip issues i couldn’t stop nodding my head
    bc that is exactly what i do 

  • Emma Bader 3 years ago


  • Anne Russel 3 years ago

    That layer can be from using a dirty brush or touching it with your fingers
    too much so basically it’s a layer of oil. Try spraying a tiny bit of
    rubbing alcohol on it, that’s what worked for me:)

  • TROBecky12 3 years ago

    Hey Arden, I’m a huge fan and it would be amazing if you replied!! This
    video splayed the charts!!…

  • Ashley Novak 3 years ago

    The sell that foundation and bronzer and the hole line in Canada and i love
    the foundation

  • neaveem 3 years ago

    What camera does she use?!?!

  • Kaili Pingel 3 years ago

    My mom calls a period the Curse not a gift. I’d trade it in to be asleep
    for 100 years!
    Am I right ladys!!!

  • cathrine madsen 3 years ago

    My bronzer works fine. I Think you Got a FAKE One or just a fail produkt :-( 

  • Yayitshaley 3 years ago

    Arden, what shade do you wear in the Bourjois Healthy Mix? (If you don’t
    mind sharing, we wear similar foundation shades and I totally want to try
    that foundation!) Also, I think your camera is making creaky noises when it
    focuses. D:

  • Allyse Mouni 3 years ago

    ur literally hilarious

  • Shea Hammond 3 years ago

    The layer on the bronzer is usually from the oil on your fingers or a dirty
    brush. Try cleaning the brushes quite a lot more. And don’t use your

  • jockyn3rd 3 years ago

    Lily Collins is that u? 

  • Dulce Barrios 3 years ago

    She talks A LOT … And i like it:)

  • alexis ramirez 3 years ago

    Where is the shirt you’re wearing from, it is adorable! 

  • Michelle Dickenson-bennett 3 years ago

    I put primer and moisturiser on my eyebrows. It seriously makes them feel
    softer, shapes better, stays longer and applies way better! i don’t get why
    its not a thing! xx

  • casey hicks 3 years ago

    I do the same thing with my lip! Like whenever I get bored or I get nervous
    I bite the inside of my mouth and my actually lip

  • dosis modernas 3 years ago

    You remind me of Zooey Deschanel

  • madeline wheeler 3 years ago

    Where did you get your shirt!

  • Georgia May 3 years ago

    Yo kid you’ve gotten me addicted to liquid liner and now for spring im
    probably gonna become addicted to this ahaha

  • Camille Lewis 3 years ago

    My video had a Arden Rose ad. It was for her summer routine thing. 

  • Tiana Kristensen 3 years ago

    This one

  • vanilla gabriella 3 years ago

    I only ever wear liquid eye liner, like every single day…and I just
    recently started using the eye shadow I use for my brows as an eye liner
    for my eyes, just to try something different and it gives more a natural
    look instead of a harsh black line. And then I see this, your video, and I
    thought that was a pretty cool coincidence lol. 

  • Josie Toporcer 3 years ago

    Where was that mascara from?

  • Ashley Glass 3 years ago

    With the layer on the bronzer thing, it happens with powders when they
    absorb any oil it came in contact with. Basically from swatching or dirty
    brushes. What to do get the layer off is to take a piece of scotch tape on
    it, press down, and peel it off. Really simple lol. It basically just gets
    the first oily layer off the powder. 

  • Aundraya Brooks 3 years ago

    Lol. My family says Sheila has came when we get our monthly 

  • Jennifer Eubank 3 years ago

    I love the eye shadow eye liner look! I’ve been trying to perfect it so I
    really appreciate the video that you have put up! I love you Arden! Keep
    making videos :) 

  • Victoria Glover 3 years ago

    LOVE this makeup look and u need to scratch off the film cause it forms
    that film when the product comes in contact with water (dont really know
    how and why….) SO ANNOING!! haha x

  • Dorrix Moj 3 years ago

    ughh ur so fucking pretty