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Hello beautiful people. Thank you so much for watching, you guys mean the world to me. Don’t forget to subscribe to see more of me …

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  • Tara Woodley 3 years ago

    I don’t mean to be rude, but why are you using anti-ageing moisturiser? You
    look around a similar age to me!

  • clar2582 clar2582 3 years ago

    Omg why are you guys hating so much on her? It’s a hobby doing make-up and
    almost every 14-years old girls are wearing make-up!

  • chinnyrox95 3 years ago

    Way too young for that amount of makeup.

  • Minty CandyArts 3 years ago

    Is she 14 o-O
    Like if she is. You don’t need to waste money on make-up. Sorry I am not a
    fan of makeup. 

  • Koharon 3 years ago

    Message to this girls parents: What exactly are you doing??? I know you
    certainly aren’t parenting.

  • Deja Ponder 3 years ago

    It’s cheek bones not chick bones

  • Italian or Mexican? 

  • xBiebsObsession 3 years ago

    you talk way too much? 

  • holly Sinclair 3 years ago

    I’m the same age as her and I wear about the same amount of makeup. Since
    when was there an age restriction on makeup? It’s not alcohol or
    cigarettes, it’s not harming her body so why can’t a 14 year old wear

  • ninjaPanda45 3 years ago


  • Elsa Maria 3 years ago

    How old is she?

  • Eleanor Bullock 3 years ago

    Anti-wrinkle!!! Your like thirteen

  • Edmarie Jimenez 3 years ago

    Stop being so self conscious lol you’re like “I know you guys are gonna say
    or be like”… Stop worrying about what people say. I do think you’re too
    young to be worrying about make up and to be cursing like that but if
    you’re gonna do, do it…

  • Bri Rose 3 years ago

    “Fuck dis shit” 

  • Sidney Kathryne 3 years ago

    holy shit you’re perfect

  • roma lauren 3 years ago

    you are so pretty! When youre like 17-18 youll be even prettier 

  • Manar beautty 3 years ago

    u look so like maddi bragg

  • Katherine Roberts 3 years ago

    Fucking hell, you guys need to stop being such whiny little bitches. Most
    14 year olds wear makeup. Jesus christ.

  • Julia Mcdevitt 3 years ago

    Shit when i was 13/14 i never touched makeup…or when i did, looking back
    on my school pictures it looked a hot mess but so did everyone elses! (im
    18 now haha)

  • Saule Simonelyte 3 years ago

    How old is she?

  • Torahh Phonesoukseum 3 years ago

    I want your hair, so baaaad. Haha.

  • Chloe Lopez 3 years ago

    Casual= cashool

  • Hannah Fandel 3 years ago

    This is gorgeoussssss!

  • slimou 123456 3 years ago

    Were is she originally from? she looks Italian to me 

  • hi i like bands. 3 years ago

    I’ve seen 14 year olds doing drugs and smoking and drinking so why is she
    getting hate for wearing makeup? It’s hardly anything and its her life she
    can do what she wants

  • Maddie Mercer 3 years ago

    Where is she from? I feel like she has a slight accent idk 

  • Sandra Vargas 3 years ago

    5 years later of an eyebrows explanation for primer -_-

  • Noor sumera 3 years ago

    Your so pretty ( new subscriber)

  • Boniiiiitta 3 years ago

    idc if this sounds weird , but i want your lip shape! :o 

  • Oreo Crumble 3 years ago

    You look beautiful without makeup <3 And I love your eyes. Your so
    naturallly pretty! :3 x

  • Georgie Lyall 3 years ago

    How do you have so many subscribers with only 23 vids?

  • Ceren Aytekin 3 years ago

    how old is she?

  • misfit 3 years ago

    You should do a Kylie Jenner tutorial. I feel like you would look like a
    younger her. :)