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Let’s see how fast we can reach to 1000 likes! Thank you guys!!! We are almost there :) This is my go to Everyday Makeup Routine since it’s the fastest and requires little effort with amazing…

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  • Abigail Jimenez 4 years ago

    67 minutes????

  • big fudge 4 years ago

    why did this get so much dislikes ?

  • CamilleFlaquita 4 years ago

    Your so gorgeous Rose!❤

  • Viry Muzav 4 years ago

    Hola +Rose Russo I’ve been a subscriber since your beginnings … and I
    dont understand why so much hate in your channel?! and in this video
    especially if you had shown Tempu products earlier in old videos, It is a
    shame that some people do not appreciate the time and effort you spend on
    each video; at the end of the day is for us. For me in particular I really
    like your videos and I always take into consideration your advice :) keep
    doing such a great job. Greetings from Mexico <3 xoxo

  • Mhean Urdas 4 years ago

    You use airbrush everyday?
    Wow! How amazing! You look soo gorgeous!

  • TheHardGainer 4 years ago

    I’m definitely going to try this one out! :D tsssssssss

  • Elisabeth Eros 4 years ago

    I love your videos. Please upload more :) and those makeup tips are super
    helpful, luv ya

  • Digmer 4 years ago

    those spray products seem very awesome, but this video does not seem to be
    as practical as could be, since most girls do not own this tempu stuff. i
    personally had no idea about this, so it was pretty cool to see how it
    works. i love the flawless result. i would totally love another everyday
    video, but with the traditional tools and products, since i don´t see
    myself getting this stuff anytime soon (is not available in my country).

  • CaliforniaRay99 4 years ago

    Not everyone has the money to buy stuff from temptu 

  • Christina Stark 4 years ago

    I always wanted to try one of these airbrush things but it just seems I
    wouldn’t have much control over where thr products went /:

  • Jessica Olivares 4 years ago

    Your beautiful!
    Wish you would upload more videos:/

  • Maiken Jensen 4 years ago

    I came here years ago to watch your hair videos! You’re the reason why my
    hair now is healthy and long, and the reason why I know how to curl my
    hair. I even bought the big Babyliss curling iron and the Cortex 4 in one
    curling iron set, and no shit, I love them both, and they still work
    perfectly! So I would love to see a new video about curling hair or
    something like that!! Much love from Denmark!

  • jessica barreras 4 years ago

    are you going to dye your hair back to the dark color???

  • Dakota0204 4 years ago

    Hi for some reason I don’t get Twitter notifications anymore when your
    videos are released. I didn’t know this video was out. I just happened to
    look at my subscriptions. Anyway, great video! I have always wanted to try
    their products because it looks so easy!! 

  • Mary's Test Kitchen 4 years ago

    This is such a pretty look!! Would love to know if the make-up is
    cruelty-free or contains any animal products. Unfortunately the FAQ’s on
    the site aren’t very clear about this. 

  • karenz101box 4 years ago

    awesome :) but I was wondering, doesn’t it get on ur clothes??

  • Ada Padilla 4 years ago

    67 minutes?! Gurrl bye.

  • Luckys Love 8404 4 years ago

    so how did you get your hair that light?? u went from the golden brown, to
    the ash brown and then blonde right?? lol well at least thats my
    understanding from your vids.. 

  • Love live love 4 years ago

    How long does the Fondation tube last you before you have to replace it?

  • Arnold Tomas 4 years ago

    Rose ummm… How do u curl up your hair

  • Notes of a Melody 4 years ago

    Rose, are your eyes naturally blue?

  • Maisha Akther 4 years ago

    U r soooo pretty and can u plz plz PLZ do the smoothie challenge with your
    boyfriend. Plz it will be hilarious 

  • chelsea 4 years ago

    Is it just me or does she actually look quite a bit like Lauren Conrad at
    certain angles?

  • Wawacj1 4 years ago

    Rose! What contacts do you have on *.*??

  • Amandas songchannel 4 years ago

    Love it! You are so beautiful <3

  • Holly Scotty 4 years ago

    I love this makeup look, I’m definitely trying it out <3

  • shantelle cardinal 4 years ago

    Gorgeous!!! Love the look