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Highly requested!! Here’s my natural, everyday makeup look using ONLY drugstore makeup. I actually LOVE this look– yay for drugstore makeup!! It’s an afford…

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  • urface36 4 years ago

    Why do you look so unhappy in the display pic?? Lol smile!!

  • linaaanah 4 years ago

    You look like Cher Lloyd in this video

  • ivoryvignettes 4 years ago

    same here!
    You are so considerate and have a lovely way to talk – it’s delish to watch your videos! Helpful, glowy and classy!

  • stephbuggera 4 years ago

    Did you mean the 116 blush brush? I haven’t come across a 106?

  • Brenda05111 4 years ago

    U remind me ok kim k so much

  • juju55488 4 years ago

    Very pretty look..never seen you before but your voice is very soothing and your makeup application is simple and easy to achieve…thanks a lot for the video…

  • Mbetancur66 4 years ago

    Lovely! Check out my channel please! :) 

  • MissAra1992 4 years ago

    great video :) you look a little like miss honey from matilda!

  • TheEveryDayAngel 4 years ago

    Your skin is so perfect

  • Marie Habib 4 years ago

    I love this look. I am wondering how often you wash the MAC 130 brush. I use it for blending concealer in and I am always washing it right after. It’s kinda of a hassle and I worry to lose bristles.

  • MissMavendotcom 4 years ago

    vegetarian! transitioning to vegan slowly. I’m hesitating on making a video about that because the opinions out there are so harsh to begin with, and I really don’t want to hear any negative criticism about not eating meat. : But I’ll find a way to work it out!

  • MissMavendotcom 4 years ago

    doing a new one coming very soon.

  • MissMavendotcom 4 years ago

    that means a lot, thank you. :)

  • MiiNiinaBoniita 4 years ago

    I just came across this video and your channel. I’m not even from Europe(I live in the US), but the fact that you made that extra effort convinced me to subscribe.

  • Gitangali Minor 4 years ago

    eyebrow tutorial ??

  • jfkjrlover 4 years ago

    Hi Teni! Would you please share your diet tips? A big part of what makes someone beautiful on the outside is what they put inside and if I’m not mistaken, you’re a vegan, right? I’d love to know what are some of the meals/recipes that you make regularly. Thanks!

  • gshock1805 4 years ago

    Thanks for sharing… but the music was annoying!!! Aaauuuggg

  • sofiekat 4 years ago

    Do a get ready with me morning or bedtime tag plz?

  • Ayan Hassan 4 years ago

    Gorgeous. :)

  • olessia17 4 years ago

    Nice video, but I can’t hear your voice, only music in the background :(

  • Ingrid Mejia 4 years ago

    Love it!!!

  • jannette Mercado 4 years ago

    im so happy to find armenian gurus… :)

  • aybulamadmof1 4 years ago

    Very nice but i didnt like the foundation. I think its too yellow

  • Salwa Ainaqi 4 years ago

    Hello, i have a question please, i usually just use my figures to apply the foundation and concealer, do you think it’s better if i use brushes? i have never used a brush for foundation and was wondering if i should invest in one… thanks!!

  • D Leon 4 years ago

    You look just like Cher Lloyd in the thumbnail pic :P

  • Doriskr 4 years ago

    Nice vid ,but the music in the backgraound is so anoying!!!

  • biancaizabelaa 4 years ago

    You are gorgeous!
    Greets froh Germany :)

  • Isabella Anna 4 years ago

    you are so classy and inspiring, the only US beauty guru i follow and really appreciate, lots of love!