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I always feel most beautiful in glowing skin and neutral colors because it enhance my own natural beauty without making me look like someone else. On Valenti…

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  • Shannon Fox 4 years ago

    i think your the most prettiest woman i’ve ever seen! you are blessed with

  • SunKissAlba 4 years ago

    How to look like everyday is Valentines Day ♡ I hope you Likeyyyyy! 

  • BriGirlx3 4 years ago

    Why is she so perfect? I loved this look. I like that she sticks with
    neutrals, and always has that pop of gold. Whenever I do my makeup I stick
    to neutrals. I like to enhance my features. Her make up is always relatable
    to me!! Awesome video xoxo

  • Andreina Barthly 4 years ago

    I am about the only person who cannot use beenigma. After hearing about it
    for the first time from Alba I was convinced I must try this! I have heard
    so much great things about it from other beauty gurus on here.
    Unfortunately this cream made me end up in the hospital. I had no idea I
    was so highly sensitive to bee venom. There are so many other great organic
    and natural skin care products that Alba has mentioned on this Chanel that
    have been amazing. Unfortunately beenigma was not one of them. I hope you
    keep it coming with new awesome products especially ones for those who
    cannot enjoy creams with bee venom. 

  • PictureMeNatural 4 years ago

    Beautiful!!! <3

  • Wahkeena Sitka 4 years ago

    First of all, I’m just impressed that you are sticking to using products
    that are natural & pure in your tutorials… You’re making me consider
    checking out Gabriel & Mineral Fusion – which I’ve mostly avoided up to
    this point, because I figured they were low-end natural cosmetics… But
    I’m going to try them soon. Recently I’ve been loving products by Alima
    Pure & 100% Pure (I’m especially obsessed with Alima’s lip tints).

    But, I also just have to say you are flat out gorgeous. and you do a great
    job presenting yourself with style, elegance and clarity. Great videos, and
    your makeup looks fantastic. 

  • LookFromNature 4 years ago

    You look flawless, the eyeshadow looks amazing!! 

  • Liah_1234 4 years ago

    Where did you get your headphones +SunKissAlba

  • Pelin Çiftci 4 years ago

    Hello Alba! I love you so much. I’m writing from Turkey. I know a little
    English. I hope you understand :) Thank you!

  • BeesOHoney 4 years ago

    Oop! Someone turned up the sexy! :) ♥

  • Tiffany DeSilva 4 years ago

    OMG I’ve been eyeing that 100% pure primer forever. Totally getting it now 

  • Doni O 4 years ago

    You are my hair idol!! I get a diva cut but never am to thrilled with the
    cut. What do you say how to cut your hair when you go?

  • Kayan AlSarraj 4 years ago

    This is the best Valentine’sDay look I find on YouTube, so natural, clean
    and soft. You understand how to work makeup to your benefit, excellent
    work. I love it.

  • LEXI LOVE 4 years ago

    i love my coffee bean eye cream! you are a breathe of fresh air! love
    you!!!! XOXO

  • Pajsha Janai 4 years ago

    Need to try that makeup brand… been using bare minerals…. nice look…

  • Alanna tia 4 years ago

    Your really pretty , I love your hair texture . I can’t wait for my
    birthday to get money to buy all these products 

  • Mikayla 4 years ago

    You’re so PERFECT! <33

  • Encane gasolina essência 4 years ago

    I looked at your other videos from 2010 until now, that’s better see you’re
    you, and you have become a beautiful woman.

  • Katharina F 4 years ago

    hello alba, could you please tell us more about your cream bee nigma? thank
    you =)
    wishes from Germany =))

  • Laura Martinez 4 years ago

    Completely unrelated to this video. But I use and I know you also use Dr.
    Bronners. It says you can also shampoo your hair and use as a face wash..
    Do you recommend doing those 2? Have you used it in those ways? If you do
    how exactly do you use them in those ways? 

  • Lud T 4 years ago

    You’re just so beautiful ! your hair is just wonderfull ! I love your style
    and your videos :D I’ve been following you for 4 years now and each time
    it’s real pleasure to see you on youtube! Keep on going, what you’re doing
    it’s very great! 

  • E.D. Carr 4 years ago

    When are you going to start vlogging?

  • Xoxobeautypop 4 years ago

    I know this is gonna sound cheesy >.< but before I even watched your videos
    I hated my curly hair with a passion but after watching your videos you've
    taught me to embrace and love my curls thank you sooooo much alba (*>ω<*)♡

  • emzsanch1 4 years ago

    Hi Alba, thanks so much for all your amazing videos, I specially love your
    natural approach to beauty.

    How long after your heat damage would you say that your hair regained its
    natural curly status? Was it a process of growing out your hair for the
    curls to regrow? Or was it also due to treating it back to a curly
    state(through product and your natural/home made or natural repair hair
    product treatments) ?

    I’m going through a recovery phase due to heat damage ( unfortunately the
    damage was to the middle section of my hair as opposed to on the ends or
    roots). I had to cut it short and it’s been a year since I’ve put heat on
    my hair. I do the weekly home remedy treatment and the once a month egg
    protein treatment. I’ve been doing this for close to a year as well and
    I’ve seen slow progress on my curls. I still have lots of hair straight
    pieces that simply will not curl. I miss my curls!!

  • Lulu Saunders 4 years ago

    Hi Alba. I’ve noticed how much organic products you eat and how you care
    more about your health than other. But if you eat organic then you should
    sleep organic. My dad owns a business and we sell organic matresses so if
    you are interested inbox me thank you. Also I love your videos

  • EAT.SLEEP.DIY{repeat} 4 years ago

    Love it ! When is your next vlog ? 

  • Marielaq81 4 years ago

    You are absolutely gorgeous Alba

  • BeautyInAmin 4 years ago

    Lovely as always! 

  • alexa romero 4 years ago

    Eres muy hermosa, deberías seguir haciendo vídeos en español por favor. 

  • Teann Johnson 4 years ago

    I love this alba, very natural looking and glowing skin

  • Nana' Indonesia 4 years ago

    Alba you are so soo stunning !

  • Lauren Maxwell 4 years ago

    Your so prettyyy!!! You look like you should have been on saved by the bell
    for some reason haha, but that’s a good thing!(: 

  • BUK ING 4 years ago

    you are more beautiful without make up. I am sorry but make up does not
    good on you, you can’t do a beautiful make up. also you should learn how to
    make a good video. dislike.

  • Michele McKinney 4 years ago

    Omg you are absolutely beautiful!!!! I love your tutorials just natural

  • CurlsNpolish 4 years ago

    Gorgeous Alba

  • Fabs Chambers 4 years ago

    Very nice make up Alba. Question, I love the shape and straps of your top,
    where you get it? Thank you!

  • Valery Pena 4 years ago

    What do you think of the aphogee 2-min protein treatment?? PLS ANSWER ❤ BTW
    I LOVE ur vids you inspired to stop using heat on my curly hair to
    straighten it i have now about 7 months without using heat and my hair
    looks 10x healthier but Ive still been struggling with hair dryness .

  • Delfa Gajardo 4 years ago

    Haz mas vídeos en español por favor. Me encantan tus consejos! No se
    maquillarme muy bien, y al ser tu también morena, me ayuda a animarme más y
    me orienta que tipo de maquillaje me sirve :) 

  • MeShar Hall 4 years ago

    This dove ad was just awesome. Made me have tears of joy. It was so needed
    for my daughters with natural curls. Love your videos

  • EJay FTD Baker 4 years ago

    Hi I’m a big fan of yours and I always wondered what is your ethnicity and
    hair type?

  • melanievizcarrondo 4 years ago

    Hey alba just wanted to know if diffusing your hair causes heat damage? God

  • My Life as Bianca 4 years ago

    I Love This ! I’m a New YouTuber , Hopefully you can time to check my
    Videos out :)