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Blending foundation makeup with a foundation brush is important to achieve a natural appearance. Create a smooth, even surface on your skin using a mousse fo…

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  • Bambi Babes 4 years ago

    Strange eyebrows & hairline.

  • Christy LaBarbera 4 years ago

    Good tips!

  • crystalskyme 4 years ago

    sorry, about what I’m telling u but u know so much tips bu u don’t know how
    to use them. That foundation should look uniform u tried a lot of tips for
    this, but u couldn’t make it. Just learn more before post videos. Imma
    cosmetician and I know what I’m talkin’ ’bout…

  • vCollected 4 years ago

    thank uuuu

  • Lightening Akn 4 years ago

    I Know Her Left Eye Brow Looks Funny!…

  • Elise De Sadeleer 4 years ago

    her eyebrow is soooo funny