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Eye Makeup Ideas by Goddessofimagination I made this video with some rocking eye makeup ideas hope you’ll enjoy them… The first pic is my favorite one =] S…


Makeup Ideas



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  • jenny311095 4 years ago

    0:30 and the very first one are the best…btw I have makeup ideas (pictures) on new video I made, check out:)

  • Staysee09 4 years ago

    Hey, i love the ‘eye candy’ one at 52ish seconds, where did you get that one from? I’d love to see the tutorial!

  • lalalablair 4 years ago

    has an awesome eye color! :D

  • GoddessOfImagination 4 years ago

    Cool =]
    Keep it up!!! Glad u liked them ;]

  • peshko321 4 years ago

    i can already do the half limee green and half black :)

  • NicktendoSquad 4 years ago

    Welcomes. ;)

  • GoddessOfImagination 4 years ago

    Thank you =]

  • NicktendoSquad 4 years ago

    LOL They’re all awesome!! =DD

  • GoddessOfImagination 4 years ago

    I know it is very difficult but not impossible,
    I tried to get the purple one (the first pic) & with practice i could get it =]
    i think if u put a lot of work on one you like you can get it to look like beautiful =]

  • GoddessOfImagination 4 years ago

    The first pic is my favorite!!! =]