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Thanks for watching! [][][][][]Product List[][][][][] Primers- Smashbox Photo Finish Palladio Herbal Foundation Primer Milk of Magnesia Benefit’s The Porefes…

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  • Tanya McMaster 4 years ago

    ^-^ Tip for beginners: go too a make up shop and get a make over, they will help you with shades too match your skin type and tell you whats best for your skin etc! they helped me a lot when i started 3 years ago properly wearing make up, also those eye shadow kits you get step by step can do wonders for anyone! :D

  • BeautyJunkiess 4 years ago

    Ah snap!

  • BeautyJunkiess 4 years ago

    Thank you!! :) 

  • BeautyJunkiess 4 years ago

    Yay, we’re glad to hear it! :)

  • Jules R 4 years ago

    I loved it like always!! This is really helping me!!!!

  • thecutebrowneyedgirl 4 years ago

    Woooooo awesome awesome tara!!!!!

  • CaylaJewel01 4 years ago

    3rd! FYI first is the worst BA BAM!

  • BeautyJunkiess 4 years ago

    Woowoo!! Haha xD