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Everything you want to know is listed below! Please keep in mind that this video is specific for FACE makeup for flash photography (passports, ID, school pho…

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  • Nicole Clemins 4 years ago


  • szomermans 4 years ago

    Natural beauty

  • The27thavenuestreet 4 years ago

    Gurrrl u dont look frightening without makeup! Wait till you see my face xD hahahaha you’re gorgeous, u have nice skin!

  • cecy pimentel 4 years ago

    Ur eyes are amazing new sub :)

  • Jasmina Tsvetkova 4 years ago

    you are gorgeous! great video,thank you :)

  • Noel Labb 4 years ago

    ^ yessss do a tutorial please :)

  • FlawlessFoundations 4 years ago

    I can do a tutorial if you’d like :)

  • popcornpiggie 4 years ago

    first!!! great vid!!! I was looking for a good vid for picture day. thanks :)