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Hi everyone!! Its almost fall!!! yay I’m way to excited when this time of year comes around! I love the scents and warm cozy feels… Oh and i can’t forget Pum…

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  • Shaaanxo 3 years ago

    Love everything about this video <3 DYING over your lip colour!

  • Desi Perkins 3 years ago

    those shadows make your eyes pop!

  • Chrisspy 3 years ago

    I love the boots!!! Yay for pumpkin spice!

  • MissTiffanyMa 3 years ago

    You’re so cute! I love the outfit ❤️

  • Sandra Jasmine Be 3 years ago

    How many inches that barrel is? It is huuuge! I always stayed away from big
    curling wands like that, I thought that they didn’t do much for the hair.
    But the one you’re using gives such beautiful waves!

  • Natalia S 3 years ago

    How old is Christen?

  • Roxanne Amber 3 years ago

    Your makeup is just beautiful girl. I’m so excited for fall too, can’t wait
    to see a lookbook. xx

  • Christen Dominique 3 years ago

    AAhh Falll…Whats your fav fall Drink?? Mine is Pumpkin Spice Latte

  • Chrysta Quinata 3 years ago

    Why have I not seen your videos before??? You’re amazing and I am already
    obsessed! ! Instant subscribe ♡

  • Cargo Cosmetics 3 years ago

    Love! So ready for fall…

  • Moriah Raspberry 3 years ago

    The bloopers were soooo funny , love you ❤️❤️

  • Rae W 3 years ago

    What kind of long shirt are you wearing under your sweater? Thanks!

  • ItsNOLWENN ♡ 3 years ago

    Your videos are getting better each time ! ♥ 

  • Mekenna Y 3 years ago

    +Christen Dominique what is the brand & name/number of that foundation
    brush? Thank you. Love your tutorials! :) 

  • Tanya Ol 3 years ago

    Im so glad I found youuuu! lol Thanks to Chrisspy’s insta!

  • Kirstin Nicole 3 years ago

    New subbie! I think you’re absolutely stunning, loved your bloopers btw
    haha. So cute <3

  • rodelyn san pascual 3 years ago

    OMG sooooo like it,

  • RSVPready 3 years ago

    love this look :D You are Seriously Gorgeous +Christen Dominique !!! Hoping
    one day we can meet you. ou seem like such a nice person and so down to
    earth :D
    xoxo RSVPready

  • GeenuhXO 3 years ago

    How long ago did u get this sweater? ! I love it and need it in my life!!!!

  • Alexa Nakutis 3 years ago

    Where is your sweater from?! I’m obsessed!

  • CearaSky 3 years ago

    Where can I find that face brush?

  • Karine Martins 3 years ago

    Hi Christen, I love your videos, watch ever (sorry if the translation out
    bad) Ps: I’m Brazilian Kiss Linda!

  • Sandra Rojas 3 years ago

    Wow I’ve notice that you have gotten so good at make up!

  • Mily Martell 3 years ago

    What’s your ethnicity? :) 

  • spring lover 3 years ago

    Where is your sweater from? It looks so cozy!(:

  • serine marry 3 years ago

    what was the song at the start!!! plzzz someone told meeee!!!

  • Rae W 3 years ago

    Where did you get your leggings?

  • Antigoni CFH 3 years ago

    nice video!! liked the colours you used on eyes n lips!!!

  • shamil rosario 3 years ago

    This video was so great! I loved the whole outfit, its deff something i
    would wear. i have a beauty channel also and it would be great if you
    checked it out =) Thank you so much 

  • Bianca Gonzalez 3 years ago

    you are so cute and i love this eye look! and thai tea is my fave!!

  • Shreeya Pokharel 3 years ago

    Does she have deep set eyes ??? 

  • iseul100 3 years ago

    Amazing video…thumps up !

  • Carmen Machin 3 years ago

    That eyeshadow look makes your eyes so beautiful! I loved everything in
    this video! Xxx

  • Roche W 3 years ago

    Draw my Life Plssss <3

  • Nai D. Naye 3 years ago

    Omg you are poping girl

  • samsara xo 3 years ago

    I like you using your ipsy bag products to create your looks :) please film

  • fashionistachick408 3 years ago

    How have I just stumbled upon your channel I am totally in love

  • Caitlin Naquin 3 years ago

    Hiiii!! Have you ever tried Mary Kay makeup ?!
    Please visit me at

  • denise decclessis 3 years ago

    just found you and had a marathon of your videos…absolutely adore
    everything <3

  • Yvette McFarland 3 years ago

    Love this look flawless

  • Sara Félx 3 years ago
  • Stephanie Holguin 3 years ago

    New subscriber! I’m so glad that I found you. I’m obsessed! You are drop
    dead gorgeous :) 

  • emily wright 3 years ago

    You look like Lucy Watson from made in Chelsea xx

  • kirra Lorenz 3 years ago

    I tried to find this same sweater online on F21, but i can’t find

  • Yais Trevino 3 years ago

    I absolutely love all the colors you used in this tutorial!!! You are so

  • Fanny Roux Maquillage 3 years ago

    That makeup look is just gorgeous !

  • veny pan 3 years ago

    hi Christen!! i just discovered you and i truly believe you are amazing.
    your videos are excellent and loved your makeup tutorials. i love fall and
    winter and this is one of my most loved makeup. kisses from greece.

  • Sandyrella216 3 years ago

    Love the entire look! I also love the fall!!!! Time to get those cute
    sweaters, leggings and booties out :-)
    I wished the makeup tutorial involved less makeup. You used way too much
    product. Yet you look stunning!

  • secretbeauty05 3 years ago

    you’re so gorgeous omg

  • Joanne Parkes 3 years ago

    I found you through Shan and ommmg girl you are flawlessssss!