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  • RawrImAKylee 4 years ago

    You. Are. So. Cute. :)

  • Paula Mackey 4 years ago

    stop hating on every beauty cahnnel. seriously your channel history of saying hurtful words to others is disgusting.

  • maria bojorquez 4 years ago

    Such a bitch, she is beautiful not everyone can have perfect skin you asshole. Why even right things like that, just leave te video if you don’t like it. -.-

  • Bunnie Childs 4 years ago

    You have bad skin. And I can still see your pimples through your makeup even after you try to cover it up. Go to a dermatologist instead of caking on all this makeup.

  • xwhadddupmia 4 years ago

    marissa you’re hilarious and beyond gorgeous! i love you so much and i really look up to you :) thanks for always making me smile xoxo

  • ArielBTF1 4 years ago

    I loved this video! :) I lost my job today :( IM really sad, but your videos made me smile.

  • Microatic 4 years ago

    Marissa, you are gorgeous! 

  • Kaleywaleyy 4 years ago

    Uh she’s a vegan and she said she has no more acne, just hyper-pigmentation soooo…

  • USCCountryGirl7 4 years ago

    I’m so glad to see a fair skin girl who embraces her fair skin. I’m very fair and everyone is telling me to “go tan” or “put some self tanner on”. I’m sorry but I don’t want age my skin nor do I want to spend money on fakeness. Also congrats and being you and not wanting to pile makeup on! I think more women should just love themselves and not feel like you have to put makeup on to be pretty!

  • ToyoDeToyoMonix 4 years ago

    your skin got so much better yay! please do an updated skin routine ! and that powder covers so well I definately need to try it

  • annemedinaxo 4 years ago

    I love your endings :’) lmao love you marissa!

  • cinnacindy03 4 years ago

    mint green looks awesome on you:) great video girl! Btw have you ever done or thought about chemical peels for hyperpigmentation? I’ve always been interested in learning more about chemical peels since I’ve heard good things about them but at the same time I feel like they could be harsh for my skin tone.

  • shernandez8112 4 years ago

    Wow that powder is amazing! Definitely giving it a try. Great video you’re beautiful as always :-) xxx

  • CaitlinJade95 4 years ago

    I love it! You seem like such a nice and beautiful person inside, not to mention on the outside as well! You’re an amazing and confident woman :) xoxo Caitlin

  • Krissy Weiser 4 years ago

    I just did this with different but similar products and I loved it! Doing this for school tomorrow!

  • daintyblush06 4 years ago

    Love your videos!!! Would you recommend the MAC mineralized skin finish to other people?

  • jess19jeg91 4 years ago

    what ever floats your boat, your the captain of your own boat, so you figure out how to float it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol i love it

  • katarinamiller13 4 years ago

    You don’t need a fondation anymore! The powder is enough for you! But you’re beautiful without it anyways. :]

  • miaheartsmakeup21 4 years ago

    holy poop
    your skin is amazing! i was kinda shocked the MAC mineralize skin finish was able to cover so much. nice look :)

  • Jami Lindsey 4 years ago

    I love your hair in this video, did you cut it?

  • eamw14 4 years ago

    you are seriously so pretty! you’ve quickly become my favorite youtuber!

  • acdale448 4 years ago

    Your skin looks sooo toned down and great. You’ve made me consider going vegan I just don’t know if I could do it!

  • bellautiful18 4 years ago

    Marissa is vegan hahahaha

  • kimmy leelee 4 years ago

    hello, love your videos and your so pretty. I have acne scars too and I have been using bio oil and pure organic coconut oil and it has made a huuuggee difference.

  • Lizzy Clark 4 years ago

    my girl why are you so freaking pretty? like can you just teach me your ways?

  • Caroline Sarwar 4 years ago

    Wow your skin is looking amazing! You don’t need foundation anymore, that little bit of powder is more than enough x

  • Meg Krum 4 years ago

    BOOO Marissa :(

  • MarissaLace 4 years ago

    Move along peasant

  • MarissaLace 4 years ago

    I have a few videos up talking about it

  • MarissaLace 4 years ago


  • MarissaLace 4 years ago

    lolz I have the same hair cut

  • MarissaLace 4 years ago

    I still have long hair (:

  • MarissaLace 4 years ago

    i do both when I do a full face of makeup (:

  • MarissaLace 4 years ago

    video coming soon (: