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Makeup Tutorial for Beginners blog insta…

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  • cutie1847 3 years ago

    That necklace looks very Hmong styled ._.

  • Randomwonderland 3 years ago

    can you please do a video for make-up beginners? sorta like on how to find
    your shade or how to put on and take off make-up and what is better, gel
    liner or liquid liner or how you should put on eye shadow and how to find
    your eye shape and when you put on primer or what tinted moisturizer is?
    Because I just turned 13 and would like to start wearing some make-up, but
    I don’t really know anything about make-up. and your other videos have
    helped very much, so thank you. but if you could help me with this that
    would be great. Thanks

  • Iris Rose 3 years ago

    Hi, i’m Iris! If you are trying to eat clean/be healthy, i’d love it if you
    checked out my healthy foods/fitness channel :) 

  • Stephanie Hong 3 years ago

    I just started using Bare Minerals Mineral Veil as a touch up powder and I
    LOVE it.

    Also, to those peeps complaining she doesn’t do enough tutorials and too
    much of product reviews, you shouldn’t be complaining. She did a tutorial
    not too long ago and this is HER channel. If you don’t like her type of
    videos, just unsubscribe. Because in my opinion, I love all the vids that
    she makes and you’re obviously not a true fan to be complaining. Just

  • Linda Wong 3 years ago

    awesome! love your necklace! how about recommending a bronzer and a

  • nicole shin 3 years ago

    Do you have any recommendations for a cheaper drugstore alternative of the
    naked palette? 

  • iluvpandas1612 3 years ago

    What are you recommended eye makeup brushes for beginners?

  • MiniKawaiiCandy 3 years ago

    Jen, I hope you can reply to this! How do you put a thumbnail on the video
    of yours and what do you use to edit? I love you, your beautiful!

  • Ellen Nam 3 years ago

    i have the naked palette, but i still have no clue how to use it on my eye
    shape. i have an asian eyed monolid with a small eyelid space @_@

  • StayGolden Hun 3 years ago

    I have monolids and the Covergirl mascara you mentioned in waterproof
    doesn’t hold my curl at alll lol. About three seconds later my lashes just
    fall down no matter what I change with my eyelash curling routine lol. Do
    you think the Maybelline Black Drama Falsies in Waterproof would be
    something that maybe might work better for me?

  • Emily Wu 3 years ago

    Which of these work best for sensitive skin? I unfortunately have eczema on
    my face, and I always have the hardest time finding makeup that cooperates
    with my skin.

  • GiGi W. 3 years ago

    Do you know of a good affordable makeup remover besides the makeup remover
    cleansing wipes? I find that those don’t really take off my makeup
    completely. I like to take my makeup off before I cleanse my face. Thank

  • MarsWankenobi_LoVe 3 years ago

    For someone who is new to makeup like myself I haven’t found foundations
    that are light enough for my pale skin… Is it okay to just wear concealer
    in the areas you need it and then go from there using blush and bronzer? 

  • cookiesncream994 3 years ago

    can you start doing tutorials like you used to before? not to be offensive
    but I fee like you’ve been doing a lot of the basics these days

  • solamadoo 3 years ago

    Sally Hansen has a relatively flat eyelash curler! It was around $2 at Bed
    Bath and Beyond.

  • Sashi Bam 3 years ago

    I reccoment to get a paint pot from mac in your own skin colour to use as a
    base or primer for your eyes! They are a little pricey but they last
    forever and you can even wear it on your own if you just want no veins
    showing! :) 

  • Monorear Chi 3 years ago

    Hello Jen, what would you recommend as a primer for foundation?? Like your
    would place it first to hold your foundation :D 

  • Jen Gore 3 years ago

    Thank you that was so helpful. Can you make a video on how to convince your
    parents to let you wear make up. also what age do you think is a good age
    to start wearing makeup. 

  • Cecile Yang 3 years ago

    I think my first makeup was a concealer pencil. I don’t know what it’s
    called and which brand from the drugstore… But it was skinny and long and
    it was plastic and it was a light baby blue packaging. and you could twist
    up and down the concealer pencil. It worked so well for me. I used it
    probably when I was in 6th grade… Really young I know, but my sisters
    were always playing with makeup which inspired me to too. The pencil
    concealer is no longer available. :( I can’t find any pictures of it either

  • Julia Lor 3 years ago

    I have the same bear hahaha but it’s lavender :) 

  • Ida Resmann 3 years ago

    Could you please make a tutorial on your makeup in this video? I love your
    videos btw!

  • annabelllu 3 years ago

    Do you have any drugstore mineral foundation recommendations?

  • Revathi Valluvar 3 years ago

    Can you do a brush for beginners kind of thing please? Because I want to
    buy make up but i don’t know what brushes to buy with them. Thanks!

  • Resa Chiic Covers 3 years ago

    Do you have recommendations for BB creams? and along that line, lately i’ve
    been seeing CC creams, EE creams, etc and I’m wondering what those all are

  • animelover1290 3 years ago

    Totally adore you Jen! I love how you stick to your preferences ESPECIALLY
    the urban decay eyeshadow pallete. You use it in so many of your videos and
    I LOVE that you do because it gives me a ton of ideas for looks I can do
    (and I know that you aren’t just marketing things to us for a company)! <3
    ya and TTYL ^ ^.

  • amiah davis 3 years ago

    I loved the maybe line dream matte mousse and I still do I was wondering if
    you could do a review and demo of how it works and feels for you thank you

  • anjulie123 3 years ago

    Hi Jen- can you do a product review and tutorial for Benefit’s They’re Real
    Push Up Liner? – thanks! 

  • Bibi He 3 years ago

    Could u please write down all the product u introduce in the video? Thank

  • Cindy Ramirez 3 years ago


  • Maria Benedek 3 years ago

    you are so funny:)))

  • Valerie Robinson 3 years ago

    What nail polish are you using? It’s so natural and pretty!

  • Jazzy Elsey 3 years ago

    Omg. I watched like 50 make up tutorials and yours was by far the best one
    yet!! Thanks!!!

  • Romy Nguyen 3 years ago

    Hi ! I’m a French girl who really likes your channel everything that you
    use in your videos looks so beautiful ! :) thank you for being here for us :) 

  • Aygunluk 3 years ago

    Thanks Jane :) i love watching your videos! 

  • Katie McWhorter 3 years ago

    I love the Naked 3 palette. It’s really nice on skin tones with a pink
    undertone to them. 

  • Ashley Rodriguez 3 years ago

    I love how all the makeup for beginners is the most expensive (sarcastic);)

  • MaiaTheUnicorn 3 years ago

    does anyone recommend some brushes for beginners? thanks :) 

  • Justine Choi 3 years ago

    The essence Gel Liner is a super good alternitive too! 

  • Ellie K 3 years ago

    Baby lips

  • Kim Elly 3 years ago

    Hi, Jenn. I’m a big fan of you and your channel. Would you recommend any
    affordable clay mask for oily face? It’s hard to find in Australia….

  • Mobi123456 3 years ago

    Hi Jenn, you are every beautiful and I really like to watch your videos.
    Can you do an Video talking about Brush! For ex the most common brush,
    usage, which brand is the best, etc. I really need an 101 on this topic!!

  • PingWing87 3 years ago

    Please do a Gel Eyeliner 101!