Added by on September 6, 2014

write any questions in the comments below!! if I get enough question I will do a Q&A video.

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  • Ashley Dennis 3 years ago

    please tell me where you get your earrings! I can not find earrings for my

  • JNss3498 3 years ago

    How much length would you say you have lost. I have very fine hair also and
    I’d say after 3mnths twist and rip I have lost about 1/3 of my length.

  • Jose Andrade 3 years ago

    You should make a video on how you did the bun. It would help me a lot when
    I start dreading and the style I want. I’m going for a pompadour with
    dreads so I’ll be shaving the side of my head as well! 

  • breecantsee 3 years ago

    you should do a video about dying your hair

  • Vinny Turano 3 years ago

    Did u section them with a comb? I’m only doing a few dreads at a time so
    only half my hair done but ive been just eye balling the sections

  • ashleigh calvert 3 years ago

    hey what color did you dye your hair i love it

  • tripp9442 3 years ago

    Wow I never heard of or would have thought to “gauge” my dreads.thats
    really amazing actually

  • DreadCode 3 years ago

    Your new growth is gonna be thinner than the parts that you back combed.. I
    have one dreadlock that is the biggest back combed tightened thing at the
    end and the new growth is thin and ropey… from my knowledge, the new
    growth isn’t gonna be as hard or tight as your original backcombed dreads
    but more flexible and easier to manage. I’m curious to see your no poo
    method since I don’t really understand it. Do you think you’d go back to
    shampooing or at least doing baking soda soaks?

  • Guy Nice 3 years ago

    Nice Dreads. The red looks good 4 u also. check us out over at Oh, and remember. . .Have A Nice Day!!!

  • Elizabeth Gaines 3 years ago

    Do a video on how you did the dreads please

  • Jacob Jones 3 years ago

    But very pretty hair :) they look better than my year old one, but mine are
    thick as shit so It’s kinda hard to keeping looking good 

  • DanishDreads 3 years ago

    I love your dreads – and your earrings!

  • gabeherb345 3 years ago

    Your Dreads grew they look awesome, And that side cut looks gr8 on you.

  • Jacob Jones 3 years ago

    With your side cut, if you wash regular hair about 2 times a week with dr.
    Bronners or any non residue shampoo and not use regular shampoo, it will
    start to look a little greasy for a month or 2 then look a lot better, and
    not have any oil and it is much more healthy for your hair, dr. Bronners is
    also very good for dreads

  • Sammie Allison 3 years ago

    You should do a dreadlock hairstyles video for your buns and stuff ! Your
    dreads are like the best I’ve seen 

  • gridisraw 3 years ago

    You look like this woman I knew on playstation lol. Nice locs

  • Kamei Paulo 3 years ago

    I haven’t been keeping up on your videos but from this last video. Your
    dreads are looking good! P.s. I like the new hair-do