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First Date/Valentine Natural Makeup Thank you for watching guys, hope you enjoyed this tutorial. My advise for a first date makeup is something very light an…

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  • Lauri Antola 4 years ago

    Nice to see a makeup artist that doesn’t fake tanning!

  • Kat PZ 4 years ago

    Omg, how many of you though the bird chirping was coming from your own
    house. I had my hair under the dryer while watching the video and my son
    was on the computer. I swore it was coming from my desktop. Lol. Love this
    look. Will be doing it for Valentine’s Day b

  • Piixie Dust 4 years ago

    It’s funny how she said kilos and kilos of makeup. I didn’t get it at first
    because I live in the US and we use pounds. Lol so the US translation:
    pounds and pounds of makeup! Hahah

  • Carla Pezh 4 years ago

    i loveeee that lashes!! <3 <3 <3

  • Maya Mia 4 years ago
  • AbraxoCleaner 4 years ago

    Oh my god you are perfect!
    Beautiful fair and clear skin and gorgeous eyes, plus you’re amazing at

  • superholly 4 years ago

    Gosh, you’re GORGEOUS, sweet, humble and talented!!

  • Drake Drones 4 years ago

    You are a morph of Monica Belluci and Megan Fox! Just stunning. 

  • Ayesha Shah 4 years ago

    U are so beautiful and your personality is even more beautiful :) 

  • itzShuMakeUp 4 years ago

    You’re not only gorgeous but you are such a genuine person… I’m surely
    convinced now to buy that tartelette palette! 

  • Megan L 4 years ago

    I love her skin! Its flawless. And she looks like Katy Perry

  • Shania Perkins 4 years ago

    You’re so beautiful I think that you can win the Miss Universe title!!! ♥

  • lilula abd 4 years ago

    amazing!! what brush did you use for applying foundation??

  • Fabfab314 4 years ago

    You have beautiful skin!! loved the video! where are you from? I notice you
    say kilos like me lol

  • Silvio Dilkin 4 years ago

    Are you Brazilian Maya ??? 

  • bere h 4 years ago

    You can be katy perrys lost twin :O

  • clairefrandom 4 years ago

    You’re flawless x

  • Paula Moore 4 years ago

    super gorgeous

  • Bri L 4 years ago

    Very Pretty! How do you like this foundation? I tried it and thought it
    looked pretty at first but it settled into my little lines and I have oily
    skin as well and it showed through. Estee Lauder also Really Needs to make
    a light color that is not too pink or too yellow :( 1C1 too pink, 1N1 too

  • Michelle García López 4 years ago

    You are beautiful with or without make up!!!! Love your natural you! You
    are gorgeous!!! 

  • Lucija Avsec 4 years ago

    You are a mix of Katy Perry and Meyrem Uzerli to me!

  • Nida Bilal 4 years ago

    Hi maya mia. I love ur videos
    Can u plz help me in choosing right colour of foundation for my skin. My
    cmplxion is fair but in yellow tone. Couldnt find right shade.
    Can u plz suggest shade with brand name asap. Thanx

  • neniiaaraLane 4 years ago

    you’re super cute (: , i know we all say you look like katy perry but
    sometimes just sooooometimes you remind me a little bit of maite perroni a
    mexican actress :3 

  • Marilyn Alvarez 4 years ago

    Beautiful…..thank you so much for this and all your tutorial, you are
    quite a lovely lady inside and out. 

  • Pale Peach 4 years ago

    Yes! Please share about making falsies last longer! I would love to see
    that tutorial. :) Also, I love the ABH liquid lipsticks, they’re absolutely
    the most beautiful matte lipsticks. Your first date look is beautiful :) 

  • Cynthia morales 4 years ago

    Maya can u do a video on your favorite foundations for oily skin?

  • Alessa Chaer 4 years ago

    You are just so beautiful. <333 I love all of your makeup looks, this look
    is beautiful, and watching your videos make me happy!!! <333 *hugs*

  • Fatemah Alfadli 4 years ago

    Girl you look beautiful no matter what, I love this look I’ll wear it on my
    first date in 2 years. 

  • Maggie Jones 4 years ago

    Girl with such natural beauty you could charm anyone without any make up at
    all! ♥

  • cool mera 4 years ago

    Your skin amaaaaaazing

  • Iria S 4 years ago

    I like it how you line your middle lower lip to make it looks full.
    Beautiful as usual ;)
    Do you have advice to make liquid lipcolor long last?

  • Teann Johnson 4 years ago

    I always enjoy watching your vids. You gave some good pointers for a first
    date. Loved it!!!

  • Velvet 4 years ago

    I can’t send pics from my phone…but if you are curious… one of your
    make up appeard on news :) was nice to see you there :) 

  • makeupbycrc 4 years ago

    gosh you’re so darn cute

  • Amanda Nielsen 4 years ago

    I could hear Kasuku in the background

  • ShaBe MahTAaB 4 years ago

    Beautiful tutorial Maya, I´ll definitely do it on valentine´s day. Love
    this look it´s so is so naturale and pure:)

  • shahad laith 4 years ago

    Is it only me or she looks like hilary duff ??

  • Maryn 4 years ago

    Maya you are excellent at your work and such a gorgeous woman! 

  • Bonnie Soto 4 years ago

    Yes yes yes! I’d like to see how you clean and care for your lashes.

  • ellen691 4 years ago

    Love your channel, i subscribed

  • Nooria Zia 4 years ago

    Happy Valentine’s Day

  • hope gomz 4 years ago

    Kilos and kilos <3 jajaja I love your videos mia :*

  • Hope Anderson 4 years ago

    This makeup is perfect !!!:)

  • Norma Gibbs 4 years ago

    Really enjoy your tutorials. 

  • Tina Delgado 4 years ago

    This is such a beautiful natural look!!! So pretty! I LOVE IT!

  • Christina Belle 4 years ago

    What happened? I saw this video waiting to be watched an hour ago and so I
    came on to watch and it was gone and then it reappeared saying it was
    posted 1 minute ago 

  • Diana Le 4 years ago

    You’re so beautiful…with and without makeup!