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Read Here** Teanna, 17, Bronx, Ny Remember! PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE ——————————————————————————————— Products used: |Makeup|…

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  • Kay Marie 5 years ago

    under eye highlight is on fleekkkkk haha you did awesome! so natural and
    gorgeous. I have all these products deff repeating this look. new subbie!
    and your skin tone is gorgeous !! you look like Ryan Destiny :) 

  • LaBelleCongolese 5 years ago

    You killed it ! Yes Yes Yes!!!

  • TheJd202 5 years ago

    You’re gorgeous, I love your skin tone 

  • Petite bantu 5 years ago

    you are so cute!

  • Makayla Robinson 5 years ago

    You do makeup sooooo good and i loveeee your hair 

  • Gia SD 5 years ago

    What shade is the jar Von d? It’s very pretty

  • bee quiet 5 years ago

    This look is absolutely stunning and so are you! Taking notes keep doing

  • Teanna W 5 years ago
  • sweethartia 5 years ago

    Very pretty and easy for me to follow. Do you think it’d be appropriate for
    me, a 15 yr old to wear this 

  • MinnieBe Cray 5 years ago

    What shade of foundation are you using?

  • Fl0_Fitness 5 years ago

    You said the Vaseline made it easier, what if you have greasy skin?!?

  • Dior Vega 5 years ago

    Your so beautiful im glad that a 19 year old (me) can learn so much from
    you. Thanks for the tutorial

  • MOBdarling 5 years ago

    Yassssss beauty ! Gorgeous #TeamChocolate lmao

  • Alexandra Varmah 5 years ago

    omg !!!! where do you work I need to save my money

  • Geraldo Bahamundi 5 years ago

    I don’t even come for the tutorial. I just come to see how pretty you are.

  • Queen Monroe 5 years ago

    Yaas you did that ! Lol . You’re so pretty ! New Subscriber here ! 

  • Paige Rogers 5 years ago

    Can you try talking louder pls? But I really love your makeup.

  • Kia Travis 5 years ago

    Did you use fawn to highlight?

  • Cortney Tull 5 years ago

    damn youre beautiful 

  • The Wallflower 5 years ago

    We should collaborate!!! Email me 

  • Georgie Exinord 5 years ago

    You go Teanna! Learned a lot with this video alone! KEEP IT UP!!

  • lovesteph10 5 years ago

    very very pretty.. love your makeup routine !

  • SAIRASSECRET 5 years ago

    Pretty ! New subbie x

  • Miri Marroquin 5 years ago

    Hey girl great video