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Finally back with a make-up tutorial! Sigma Brush: Follow Me! Twitter: Facebook:…

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  • Selina Kyle 4 years ago

    Push the pump down half-way obviously.

  • kathy quiroga 4 years ago

    it helps if you clean your brushes every time you use it i just swish mine in some rubbing alcohol and it helps sterilize it and you wont have germs and bacteria back on your skin 

  • kathy quiroga 4 years ago

    well you kind of pump down but just a liddo like half da way own lmfao :D

  • Olivia Styles 4 years ago

    Just squeeze the pump down halfway. ! :D

  • silvana peres 4 years ago

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  • Valasi Petri 4 years ago

    uh you can do a pump in a half by not pumping all the way done ok. so do wat olivia styles said.

  • Laura Megs 4 years ago

    could please check out my channel, doing s-u-b-f-o-r-s-u-b :) comment on my vid!

  • icryundertherain 4 years ago

    How is she acting like Jlovesmac1 when she made her account waaay before Jarmaine? 

  • priscilla jauregui 4 years ago

    Your hella funny! Thanx

  • MsKatiekayy 4 years ago

    Do an everyday makeup video please!

  • riziabalatero 4 years ago

    You are so funny! Im loving ur videos!

  • Keisha McCue 4 years ago

    LOL. You are hilarious

  • JJHamann 4 years ago

    hahahahahha your comment matches your profile pic XD

  • SphinxJinx82 4 years ago

    Bye guuuurl

  • RedBerries71 4 years ago

    They act the same,i mean jarmaine,thats weird

  • Mark Johnson 4 years ago

    Stop the Criticizing she took the time out of her day to show yall how to look decent and yall wanna be rude. Rude people in this world.

  • Emily Cronan 4 years ago

    i thought you had foundation on at the beginning… your skin is so perfect

  • ayyyeeeweezy 4 years ago

    what’s yer hair colour?

  • XxJazzmineXx 4 years ago


  • Jenny H 4 years ago

    Omg it really made your skin flawless! :)

  • faith sawtelle 4 years ago

    bye girl

  • misspaytonkali 4 years ago

    Does anyone know what music she uses?

  • Claire Todd 4 years ago

    Josie Maran’s Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation (:

  • Twrfelicia 4 years ago

    Wb jlovesmac1

  • Rosalie MacLeod 4 years ago

    What is the foundation that starts out white and turns into your skin colour called ?

  • Olivia Styles 4 years ago

    Oh shut the hell up.

  • felizwcyeu 4 years ago

    lydia peak

  • Mackenzie Shook 4 years ago

    6:05 – 6:15 FUNNIEST PART!!!! xD

  • hayzel04 4 years ago

    gurlllll u r fun-neeeeee…..:D :D 

  • Chyanne Renae Fogle 4 years ago

    the bluch brush u have in your hand at 1:04 i have the same exact kind

  • Stephanie Y'ALL 4 years ago

    YOU LOOK SO CUTE WHEN YOU PUT ON YOUR BLUSH! hahah, like so happy and peaceful :P

  • anilmalluver3sdl 4 years ago


  • LillysLookForLess 4 years ago

    Jlovesmac and Weylie BOTH started near the same time. Its just jlovesmac’s acc got hacked so she mad a new one BUUUUHHHHZ EVEN with tht being said, SO WHAT?!?! THEY BOTH ARE STILL GREAT!!!!!

  • bnicole122 4 years ago

    She is gorgeous! I love this video

  • miaheartsmakeup 4 years ago

    great tutorial! and your hair looks AMAZING. (:

  • squeezeofficialuk 4 years ago

    Hey pls everyone check my new Video ”NO TOILET PAPER”

  • Triny Richarte 4 years ago

    dude seriously weylie started making videos before jlovesmac1!! GROW UP don’t watch her videos if you don’t like her!

  • anna van loon 4 years ago

    by only pushing the button thing done halfway…

  • MaddiPeaceGirl 4 years ago

    Your sooo pretty! How do u do your hair!?

  • miranda melody 4 years ago

    LOL ur hilarious, love youu!!<3

  • christynlovesyou mckinney 4 years ago

    u dont even need the foundation on because when u started i thought u already had it on