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How to get a water proof and natural finish with Make Up For Ever Face and Body Waterproof Foundation simple and flawless. MUFE Demonstration and Tutorial th…

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  • Sunny Fonee 4 years ago

    Would you say makeup forever is better than lancome 24 hour?

  • LuvYourLoxXx 4 years ago

    We can’t see how well that makeup works because we do not see any blemishes on your face??? ;-)

  • sherry chatmon 4 years ago

    I have a question I use fit me by maybelline and there pressed powder to set it. Y does it rub off on my hands and clothes. Wats am I doing wrong

  • Martina Ntutumu 4 years ago

    You are very talented make up artist,i love your chanel

  • Noemi Vögel 4 years ago

    great tutorial!

  • fhbklyn 4 years ago

    your skin was beautiful before…no fair! :)

  • BrushworksByChris 4 years ago


  • BrushworksByChris 4 years ago

    thank you so much

  • BrushworksByChris 4 years ago

    thanks so much for subbing! 

  • BrushworksByChris 4 years ago

    oh wow. thanks so much for tuning in love!

  • BrushworksByChris 4 years ago

    thanks love

  • tia84ification 4 years ago

    where can you find orange correctors/or concealer?

  • Queen Kelz 4 years ago


  • MZMIA416 4 years ago


  • Mzjustinalee 4 years ago

    OMG I just stumbled upon your channel today, and I’m already a BrushworksByChris Groupie :) 

  • greathouse60 4 years ago

    thanks chris i will try ur advice next makeup session i have … great advice as always have a great day

  • BrushworksByChris 4 years ago

    well i prefer the foundation that i used in this tutorial. this one is waterproof so it will stay in place through the heat. its has a natural finish, but if you have oily skin then u may want to powder it with ben nye translucent set powder for a more long wearing matte finish

  • greathouse60 4 years ago

    chris i now live in Vegas and its late august ben here for 5 mos ( thought i was gonna die with this heat orig. from LA cali) cant seem to find a foundation that isnt oily looking any suggestions for hot weather climates and which foundation works better … thanks in advance have a grt8 weekend 2
    love oneantas … toss for short

  • BrushworksByChris 4 years ago

    thanks love

  • sweetkaramel100 4 years ago


  • BrushworksByChris 4 years ago

    i dont think there is a cheaper alternative.

  • BrushworksByChris 4 years ago

    yes, waterproof makeup is the best

  • AbbieFMimi 4 years ago

    Just bought this foundation the other day and was very impressed with it. However, because of the cost, I can’t afford to use it everyday, just for “speshual occasions”. lol Can you recommend a cheaper alternative? Thanks.

  • BrushworksByChris 4 years ago


  • ladibrezzyify 4 years ago

    where can i buy that foundation at?

  • BrushworksByChris 4 years ago

    I really dont know because I dont have u in front of me. u can try number 12 because it has lots of yellow.

  • BrushworksByChris 4 years ago

    thanks so much! im a shade 44 in this foundation and I haven’t noticed any oxidization. The MAC one looks so oily on the skin. MUFE looks like perfection.

  • nicoleh619 4 years ago

    LOVE your videos Chris!!! I used to make videos on YT and will be returning soon. Your skin looks gorgeous without the foundation too. What shade do you use in the mufe f&b and does it oxidize on you? I agree that the mac f&b needs to be set and it’s sticky, glossy, and just meh to me at times.

  • BrushworksByChris 4 years ago

    thanks love!

  • BrushworksByChris 4 years ago

    the mat velvet isnt one of my favs. i think its ok if u have oily skin but its a little bit heavy looking. I think you can find heavy looking foundations at a better price point. when i say heavy i just mean that its obvious you have makeup on. its full coverage

  • BrushworksByChris 4 years ago

    mac has a face and body foundation as well; however, its not waterproof like the MUFE

  • BrushworksByChris 4 years ago

    a loose bristle here or there is usual. if your brush is shedding badly, then there is an issue with quality of the brush (which u can exchange it for another one) or maintenance of the brush. proper cleaning, and especially, conditioning your makeup brushes is necessary to ensure that the hair does not break.

  • Sheila Porter 4 years ago

    Chris I love your videos!!!!! You’re sooo flawless!

  • Brittanyesta600 4 years ago

    You just reminded me of how fabulous MUFE foundations are. Haven’t worn one in a long time. What do you think of their Matte Velvet foundation Chris?

  • Victoria Bandera 4 years ago

    i like mac, but ughh its too too thick for georgia weather :(

  • kat21sd 4 years ago

    good video question do you get hairs on you frm the Mac Brush ,I have not had good luck with Mac face bruses they leave hair on me in this humid weather

  • BrushworksByChris 4 years ago


  • BrushworksByChris 4 years ago

    thank u so much. Im soooo happy that u like all my vids. please, keep the comments comin! :)