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  • Roshan Shrestha 4 years ago

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  • 19ForeverBeauty 4 years ago

    would the make up still be on if i don’t use Skindinavia makeup fnishing spray

  • valreeBABEE 4 years ago

    cant wait to try these out! :D

  • Melin Roger 4 years ago

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  • Afro Mío 4 years ago

    Hola!!! I love the video and the used for MOM but the I found this review and now Im not so sure if I want to use it on a daily basis. Either way i will buy a bottel at least to try :)
    Have you read the bad reviews about Mom? What do you think? :( I just wanted to share this with you and hopefully hear your thoughts. Gracias!
    futurederm com/2012/07/12/should-you-use-milk-of-magnesia-on-your-skin-the-internet-rumor-researched/.

  • ccastro1986f 4 years ago

    Where do you get your Skindinavia makeup fnishing spray

  • Beauty Crush 4 years ago

    is it okay to get the phillips kind? (:

  • fourhotchicksbiatch 4 years ago

    Wrote down all theses products and I’m going to shopping and hope it they work for me like they did for you and thanks for your wonderful tips!

  • Sandra Santos 4 years ago

    3:04 kitty =^w^=

  • greenwer 4 years ago

    will definitely try this! thank you so much for doing these tutorials! *:)

  • M. A. Leamon 4 years ago

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  • W Colon 4 years ago


  • lila pecil 4 years ago

    Will the gel make skin break out?

  • Bxsxyjen 4 years ago

    I replayed ur video and got the answer, thanx boo!

  • Bxsxyjen 4 years ago

    Do u moisturize before putting on the milk of magnesium?

  • surfacemaker 4 years ago

    so the bottem line every man gets a woman even if he choses to ignore her.

  • fiona fi 4 years ago

    hi is phllips milk of of magnesia same as Equate brand milk of magnesia? because I cant find it in england only abroad

  • Andera Mcclelland 4 years ago

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  • mimimanicnomnomnom 4 years ago

    Does it have to be original MoM? I have cherry flavored in my house

  • HanaKimberly 4 years ago

    What powder would you recommend & do you have an alternative that is noncomodogenic?((: thank you

  • MrsLAR23 4 years ago

    Thanks for sharing! Great tips!

    Since you use the regime, do you use the Benzoyl Peroxide before you use the moisturizer? And then apply the milk of magnesia, Monistat anti chaffing gel, etc…?

  • Martin Allison 4 years ago

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  • VenusStars0000 4 years ago

    I use all those things and my foundation last longer, & Milk of magnesium is amazing been using it for over a year & still live it!

  • stefawolf 4 years ago

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  • josiboo41985 4 years ago


  • virgoj88 4 years ago

    Does the monistat and milk of magnesia work on mineral makeup too?

  • yeyiisz 4 years ago

    do you use both of those products on your eyes?

  • KenzieBabenzi 4 years ago

    i’m in love with all your tips so helpful i have oily acne prone skin and seriously that is my biggest problem is having my makeup look cakey love your channel just subbed=]

  • LaurenNicole131 4 years ago

    read the description box

  • Viry Grajeda 4 years ago

    I love your videos and beauty tips! I just started watching your videos.. Yes I am a lil behind! -_- lol but you give amazing beauty tips and they have been working for me :) thank u n keep up the great work :D

  • mikrisha talton 4 years ago

    aw you got a cute puppy girl

  • mowy2468 4 years ago

    Aha sry the last post cut off….if these products are safe for my skin or will make me break out more??? Thx!!

  • mowy2468 4 years ago

    Ok….so I have acne prone skin and oily skin and I was wondering if u know if these products either

  • Cynthia Bencosme 4 years ago

    I know this is a pretty old video but I wanted to know if you can use the chafing gel over your eyelids. Btw great tips! Love all the work that you do!

  • anativa88 4 years ago

    It’s great ! I use it everyday, and since I started using it my skin looks like 10 years younger. I’m 31 and look like 20. But I also love DARI NATURAL’s skin care products. They use natural olive oil, tea tree, calendula and unrefined shea butter! It’s amazing!

  • Corrina Reuss 4 years ago

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  • Zebraz246 4 years ago

    can i use lanacane anti chafing gel? i accidently bought that one thanks

  • Zebraz246 4 years ago

    This helped sooooo much thanks((:

  • tingotingoting 4 years ago

    I have the same question too! I saw the other video that she did and it seems like she has monistat before milk of magensia.

  • tingotingoting 4 years ago

    Thanks for your help! However, I am going to follow Dan’s regiment (the moisturizer manichula8153 was using) so I am going to stick to Dan’s suggestion – use zinc oxide based sunscreen! I got Aveeno sensitive skin sunscreen SPF 30 which should be sufficient for everyday use i hope!

  • Grrr3tchhh 4 years ago

    thks!! I’ll chk!

  • MrPreciosa1982 4 years ago

    U can lokng for that or other setting sprays on….0r
    And the Skin dinavia I am not sure if I saw it on Dillard’….hope this inf can help U lil bit!!!

  • MrPreciosa1982 4 years ago

    U cam use ur Sunscreen before and then Monistat dont 4get to wait until every single product its absorve by ur skin :)
    I recomend U the Neutrogena spf 110!!

  • tingotingoting 4 years ago

    where does sunscreen fit in in the routine? Would I apply it before MoM or after? or even after the Monistat gel? Thanks!!

  • James Scarlett 4 years ago

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  • margocho 4 years ago

    thanks for the tips! I was about to get the smashbox primer until I saw this video! I will have to try the chaffing gel, thanks again!!