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  • benaamlarki 4 years ago

    Nyc u were looking very beautiful in tht look

  • juvia410 4 years ago

    you always have a next year

  • Dutchess Pierce 4 years ago

    I’m going to be poison Ivy for halloween but I’m using this concept

  • Toni Ouyang 4 years ago

    should’ve dressed up your dog

  • Sharon Boersma 4 years ago

    its beautifel!! 

  • xXyohobohoXx 4 years ago

    ur puppy is so cute =D

  • aleah coton 4 years ago

    A fairy that has a calendar!!

  • Jenny Nguyen 4 years ago

    Luv the cute puppy :) ))

  • Cara Knight 4 years ago


  • AliceHeart92 4 years ago

    really beautiful

  • Michelle Rodriguez 4 years ago

    Loooove it!

  • Mali Xayyarath 4 years ago

    Love this look! <3

  • teanybean12 4 years ago

    I love this! Except I have none of the products! :( 

  • Samantha Chilp 4 years ago

    I wanted to be this For Halloween but i need the products for it!

  • Ella Lindsay 4 years ago

    Thank you for commenting that! it gave me the best Idea. :)

  • Emily Clements 4 years ago

    lol im doing a pink version to wear to school. just because i can :D

  • troovixen 4 years ago

    this video is SO cute and fun! i love your stuff girl! you’re my make-up/style guru :D ..XOstay fabulousXO

  • Autumn Watts 4 years ago

    I love this!! except i will probably be doing this with shades of reds and oranges because i plan on being a fire fairy.

  • Allison Archuleta 4 years ago

    Doing a pink version this year :) )

  • sophstar20001 4 years ago

    U look so beautiful it’s amazing

  • Rachel Teo Rou Yun 4 years ago

    Wow im scared… u look so scary in this video…bt anyway, GOOD!

  • HU4Life4118247 4 years ago

    Omg, I love it!!! Could you do more cute Halloween tutorials like this for this year!?!? (: -3 Love this!!

  • Karis Adam 4 years ago

    Omg I am so trying this.

  • Dalianna Tambua 4 years ago

    OMG!!! You are amazing :) I would do this make-up tutorial on myself but I rub my eyes a lot :(

  • hharrell7512 4 years ago

    I like this vedio a lot I would like if u tryed to doo a princess one for my little sisters that would be so nice and sweet for her thanks

  • TheGlitzgirl11 4 years ago

    Oh my gosh cute dog

  • jennaboo3210 4 years ago

    cool i wish i could do that but im only 11 lol

  • rowenadiamond 4 years ago

    hi bebexo can you make more pixie fairies makeup tutorials for this halloween and witch makeup tutorials too

  • aleypaleybear 4 years ago

    Omg! You are so amazing! You should do an elf tutorial.

  • Andreja Ilijevic 4 years ago

    WOW so beautiful, thanks for tutorial :) 

  • lilly flowers 4 years ago

    awww cute dog -3

  • Abc123doremi18 4 years ago

    im doinng a pink version rit now!!

  • Daisy Ulebegor 4 years ago

    this is definately one of my favorite tutorial!!

  • MissMayaKate 4 years ago