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I wanted to make a Foundation and Primer review for this week and it definitely did not turn out the way I wanted it to. However, I found the video quite hil…

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  • muskatsn 4 years ago

    :) thank you

  • JamJamiei 4 years ago

    You are really cute ;) I always wanted to try it<3 oxoxox

  • muskatsn 4 years ago

    haha thank you hun!!!

  • Nichole8446 4 years ago

    Ringo is such a cutie:3

  • muskatsn 4 years ago

    Yeah I LOVE it. haha thanks :)

  • RedVelvetStylez 4 years ago

    Ringo Is Tooooo Adorable LoL And Playful I Love Him <3 And He Really Love That Foundation LoL ..But Im Def Gonna Try That Primer I Heard Really Good Things About It <3

  • muskatsn 4 years ago

    yeah that definitely makes sense

  • muskatsn 4 years ago

    Thank you!!

  • alanahfc 4 years ago

    Great review video! I like that you give facts about what you are talking about! :)

  • muskatsn 4 years ago

    :) thank you so much. He is a Havanese if you are interested in looking up the breed

  • larissa martina 4 years ago

    Omgg 33 your little dog is soo cute! I love it i want a dog like that to…

  • spaceysno1girl . 4 years ago

    I probably could order online but would want to see colours in person first so i could get the right one xx

  • muskatsn 4 years ago

    @spilsbury1947 im glad :)

  • muskatsn 4 years ago

    @joezjoezjoez1 hi!!! How are you today?

  • muskatsn 4 years ago

    @youtubeusing ??

  • spilsbury1947 4 years ago

    Your video made my smile.

  • TubeYouUsing 4 years ago


  • joezjoezjoez1 4 years ago

    Good morning:)

  • muskatsn 4 years ago

    yeah I think primer helps soo much!! oh no :( can you order online? And thank you :)

  • spaceysno1girl . 4 years ago

    Ive noticed that my skin is so much clearer since i started to use a primer to, this foundation looks great but makeupforever isnt accessible over here very easy sadly, i think theres a shop in London so i might have to check that out next time im there. Ringo is gorgeous xx

  • muskatsn 4 years ago

    I highly recommend it! And the amazing thing with Sephora is that if you don’t like it you can always return it!

  • bej006 4 years ago

    i want to try this foundation so bad!! your dog is too funny/cute!!! I’ve heard really good things about it and now I am positive I need to try it now!