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  • jaayForever 3 years ago

    Your skin is probably the most flawless I’ve seen and I love that your skin
    is porcelain like mine so I know the looks will be the same on my skin! (:

  • Lc361SouthTx 3 years ago

    still waiting for my SOMETHIN BAD, tutorial, maybe one eye Miranda, the
    other eye Carrie? no matter… I’m just waitiiiiiiinnnngggg!!! LOL <3

  • Chrisspy 3 years ago

    So gorgeous!

  • Nikita Middleton-Tolley 3 years ago

    Just started to watch your videos and omg you’re so funny and so talented!

  • Rikki Poynter 3 years ago

    I really like F&B, but I think it was breaking me out/giving me rashes. :( 

  • Shaaanxo 3 years ago

    “ughhhh that was for my mum” HAHAHA them feels

  • Amelia Bindofer 3 years ago

    I’m not seeing natural… But it’s pretty. Can you do a no-makeup makeup

  • Red Amaryllis 3 years ago

    your natural lip color it’s glorious! OMG don’t cover it!!

  • Fan Fare 3 years ago

    Most people are using foundation after concealer. Has it a reason that you
    make it different? :) 

  • Vanesa AMV 3 years ago

    Are u still using the Revitalash? because they look so long right now!!

  • mymakeupsecret 3 years ago

    flawless <3 love it Nikkie! 

  • NikkieTutorials 3 years ago

    Something fresh and flirty for all you natural with a twist lovers!

  • Made by A 3 years ago

    “Like a motherf*cker” HAHAHAHAAAAA THEM FEELS OMG.!!

  • Laura Garcia 3 years ago

    Nikkie, could you please tell me what brush you used for the eyeliner
    eyeshadow look?!

  • Ashley Elizabeth 3 years ago

    LOL “will stay on like a mother f**ker

  • silly245 3 years ago

    this isnt natural! you used so much make up youre complete other person
    I think guys ran away waking up to you wearing no make up. but you cant say
    this is natural!

  • Nevada Laboucane 3 years ago

    Dammit shes so beautiful and her eyebrows are on point!!!

  • pon chandra 3 years ago

    Love her but she really does need makeup 

  • Maria Joe 3 years ago

    this is kind of a weird question but i think that it makes a difference in
    makeup and the way your skin looks, but do you swirl on your power or
    patted on?

  • Isabelle Maude 3 years ago

    Jesus your lips are extremely pigmented. 

  • Elenatraduzioni 3 years ago

    I don’t like the eyeliner line in this way, but you’re beautiful

  • Kim Richards 3 years ago

    Ohhhhh mama, I really love this look! It’s so flattering on you, I can’t
    wait to try it out! Do you think I could get away with using the Naked
    Basics palette instead? And using Brown Script for the warmth? And oh my
    god I DIED when the mailman came! I get so pissed off when it’s not for me!

  • kiwilower 3 years ago

    Can u do a Q&A or TMI tag so we can get to know u a little better?:-)

  • ChronicHighs 3 years ago

    What’s on your lips before the makeup?

  • Kim Chanel 3 years ago


  • Zia Nestler 3 years ago

    You remind me of Emma Snow in Once Upon A Time.

  • Gregory mantonios 3 years ago

    Leuk gezichtie hoor.