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  • faaqtehwurld 4 years ago

    This is wonderfully done. If you want a good light foundation option for summer, try mixing a small amount of moisturizer with the colorstay. I have less than perfect skin and it gives me all the coverage with a little more oomph in the natural department. Or the new Garnier oily skin bb cream. It rocks. All the coverage with all the skin benefits you could possibly want. And if you want a nice creamy, high coverage concealer, try elf Studio concealer. It is so heavy duty and looks so natural.

  • lauraslovinglife 4 years ago

    at the time i enjoyed using this, but now because the weather is getting better where i live and my skin is clearing up, i have been trying new products!

  • chippygirl28 4 years ago

    I think you should try a tinted moisterizer or bb cream. I just think it would suit you better(:

  • mocarforever 4 years ago

    Dampen he sponge it’ll work better

  • MakeupMusicGlitter 4 years ago

    so pretty! ^.^

  • SoniaIsMyName5 4 years ago

    you are my favourite beauty guru

  • lauraslovinglife 4 years ago

    thanks, and i respect your opinion, but I dont have anywhere close to perfect skin and i am comfortable covering it up.

  • adori66 4 years ago

    very cute and age appropriate look! Don’t know if you really need that heavy duty foundation though, you naturally have gorgeous skin. You will need it in the future (as we all do) so why not enjoy your naturally beautiful skin while you can? :-) xoxo

  • malihaocean 4 years ago

    Nice makeup tutorial! Your camera quality helps bring out your hard work.