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Hey everyone! Thank you for requesting this look on my last video: To chat with me click the links below: Twitter:…

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  • MissLinnify 4 years ago

    Why are you using lenses?

  • Shannon B 4 years ago

    Hey beautiful :) Love the video <3 Definitely inspiring and great to watch!

  • Posh2707 4 years ago

    you also have amazing contact lenses, who produce them?

  • Lily Alexander 4 years ago

    Ps your so beautiful!!! I’m jealous!!

  • Lily Alexander 4 years ago

    I love all natural looks!! I wear mine everyday!! :3

  • selena rivera 4 years ago

    real natural super cute!!

  • jaylene0003 4 years ago

    she’s cute ..

  • Alexis DePinho 4 years ago

    Everyone says that you look like Vanessa Hudgens- but I think that you are even prettier than she is. :) Your makeup is flawless, thanks!

  • Madison Fleury 4 years ago

    Your eyes are gorgeous! Im so jelous! <3

  • Sophie Nielsen 4 years ago

    You look like vanessa and stella hudgens mixed

  • Bambiixo 4 years ago

    You are possibly the most beautiful female I have ever seen.

  • feliicous 4 years ago

    you are so gorgeous!

  • lara vila 4 years ago

    you look like alyssa bernal!

  • Olga Nish 4 years ago

    what mascara do you use?

  • rhinestonedust 4 years ago

    what color are your eyes? gray-ish? they’re distracting me haha! love it! <3

  • TranAnnette 4 years ago

    you somehow look like vanessa hudgen

  • SooFlyGirl204 4 years ago

    howd you get you lashes so long

  • Nicole Lambrix 4 years ago

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  • neylz 4 years ago

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  • Pernille Rask Melsen 4 years ago

    Yes she did.

  • Pernille Rask Melsen 4 years ago

    Whats your real eye color like?

  • MyJuni99 4 years ago

    So… U didnt add any mascara to this makeup look? :/

  • mirut09 4 years ago

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  • Beautyrock511 4 years ago

    It won’t let me subscribe though…

  • Beautyrock511 4 years ago

    You are so beautiful!

  • smileylikethesun 4 years ago

    this is great! also it was uploaded on my birthday! :)

  • alragi2012 4 years ago


  • Dasia Harris 4 years ago

    ur makeup is really pretty and u kinda do look like Vanessa Hudgens… :D

  • RaychelMorgan 4 years ago

    You are so beautiful! :)

  • irockskinniesx3 4 years ago

    you’re so perfect looking omgsh. what is your ethnicity? c:

  • Elvira Karimov 4 years ago

    Your eyelashes are so long *0*

  • Bayleigh Demaine 4 years ago

    Your eyes r gorggggg

  • JolienNathalie 4 years ago

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  • chanbunnii 4 years ago

    Your eyes are so beautiful ! <3

  • Leonardo CP 4 years ago

    aqui en Bogotá Colombia esta muy bonito este video … pero, esa cara y piel tan bonita no necesita ningún maquillaje

  • Mariah Jean Star 4 years ago

    What kind of mascara do youu usee ??