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October Beauty Favorites! October Non-Beauty Favorites! NEW BLOG POST: …

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  • TheLaurenawsome 4 years ago

    your eyes are incredible <3 xx

  • crazymaj17 4 years ago

    Omg, she has the most beautiful eyes i’ve ever seen.:o

  • ikimono ucha 4 years ago

    it;s very easy and looks like a natural tnx!!

  • amarixe 4 years ago

    You’re welcome! Thanks for watching! :)

  • amarixe 4 years ago

    Haha it’s insane! Great for eyeliner, and any kind of super dark eyeshadow look!

  • amarixe 4 years ago

    Thank you! :)

  • miaamiaamiaa 4 years ago

    Nars Coconut Grove is the MOST pigment eyeshadow I’ve seen in my whole life. When you applied it to your lashline– the first stroke– my jaw dropped.

  • ROSADO317 4 years ago

    You’re so beautiful and always look so fresh and clean! Loved this look!

  • HOOTiful 4 years ago

    I want to try the Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes mascara. BTW I love your freckles! I just started a beauty channel. I’d love for you to come check it out.

  • Natalie Pierce 4 years ago

    would you say that the colossal cat eyes is a better version of the falsies?

  • Kala Whitaker 4 years ago

    Can you do a review and tutorial with the lorac pro pallette

  • richard19amoah 4 years ago

    You are the most beautiful women i have seen on youtube, God is good!!!; anyway I wanted to comment on your Acutane video because I was the king of acne and after taking acutane; this lady comes up to me and says “you should be a model or something, your skin is super clear and flawless” i think my confidence went from 0 to 1,000,000,000 after that comment, i felt really good about popping those pills for 6 months; your video made it clear that this is better than proactiv; girls are noticing!!

  • Hanna Kubis 4 years ago

    Now this is my kind of makeup look! Thank you for doing this!! :)

  • Suzette255 4 years ago

    Love it! Thanks Allison!

  • martadh5 4 years ago

    you look so much better with this look than with loads of eyeshadow that you tend to go for! xxx beautiful

  • timberishott 4 years ago

    Please wear your eye make up like this more often! You look so much better without a lot of eye shadow!

  • carcarchanel 4 years ago

    I love your channel! Pretty please cheek out mine :) 

  • barbie200094 4 years ago

    Beautiful eyes!!!!

  • mrszerry21 4 years ago

    Great editing. I love these types of tutorials. The flowers are a perfect touch to the simple but beautiful look. Will you be doing any thanksgiving oriented videos, maybe on your other channel. Would love to see your vanity setup and more tutorials.

  • eryn daud 4 years ago

    your eyes <3

  • antoniaoliviax 4 years ago

    Can you suggest a good affordable and high end contouring product for very pale skin? (Nars Siberia) thanks!

  • jollyoli229 4 years ago

    Oh my gosh your eyes are so pretty!

  • Branjiebelle 4 years ago

    Could you please do the furry friends tag?

  • Mimi Dong 4 years ago

    I knew it was The Fu omg love them and you! this is so perfect I was just thinking about this

  • mypickstv 4 years ago

    Invite to my channel hope you like my videos =)

  • RawrWithLove 4 years ago

    i love this look. i have watched this video like 50 times (x

  • Alex Harrison 4 years ago

    your hair is amazing. how did you do it?