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I think Im quite sure I know the makeup up of MY genes. So read the description box if you have a question. Sorry to the positve people. This video had to be…

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  • Teaundra 3 years ago

    I think I am very aware of what I look like physically. You pointing it out
    doesnt change it or make me want to change it either. You’re wasting your
    breath but great job trolling! Be Blessed! =)

  • Mandy McDonald 3 years ago

    Btw I give props to you ladies with ethnic hair. That’s a LOT of work(: 

  • ResinTheRoof 3 years ago

    My hair used to be just like this when I was younger. I liked to cut my
    hair for no reason back then and it hasn’t grown past my shoulders in
    years! I need to find something to treat my scalp since I’m pretty sure
    that’s what my problem is. I could also do with a good cut. I have so many
    split ends. 

  • ohh sally! 3 years ago

    Can anyone please tell me the name of the song? 

  • cathie b 3 years ago

    I feel for you to have to do so much to your hair just to get it
    straight… you are beautiful and dont let anyone tell you any different 

  • Sally Webster 3 years ago

    Most black girls can’t get long hair. Let’s be real the ones with long hair
    either have a more defined curl pattern, have really thin strands like
    those of other races, or hair that falls and does not form an afro (in
    other words, GENETICS). But for the black girls with afro hair , they can’t
    grow incredibly long hair unless the afro is extremely big. I have an afro
    and when I straight it , it is barely past my shoulders. It’s just the
    truth; our hair is meant to shrivel up and be afros cuz of the weather in
    Africa to protect our scalps; it is not genetically built to be long.

  • ladyeden0413 3 years ago

    All of you saying that she’s not fully black are stupid. Do you all realize
    that people with kinky and coily hair hair’s don’t show its full length.
    That’s why when someone pulls our hair it stretches. It’s called shrinkage.
    People can have even up to 90% shrinkage, meaning my hair can look like
    it’s probably only 1 inch and when you pull a piece of it it stretches up
    to probably 7 or 8 inches.
    Her hair is obviously like a whole foot and a half long when it ISNT
    STRETCHED so what makes you think that when she flat irons it its not going
    to be 50-90% longer than it was before. I swear all of you think you are so
    smart but you cant realize something so obvious.

  • TheseFantasticLyrics 3 years ago

    Lets get something straight. She said shes 100 percent black because most
    people think that only biracial or indian like woman can achieve such
    straight hair. Shes here to show that black girls can get the style too so
    I have no idea how y’all are like “Shes Racist!”

  • shante Lewis 3 years ago

    Why did you feel the need to state you are 100% black in the title?? Cool
    video but negative self image in the title Lota pf black women have long,
    beautiful, natural hair in various textures. 

  • Christyn knowels 3 years ago

    Lol i swear, if i wold have saw you at the store or some where with your
    hair like this i would have thought you were have loevly hair.

  • KittyMizuki 3 years ago

    damn that’s some beautiful hair both frizzy and straight! :) (Yea i’m a
    White girl with totally straight hair on a video like this, i just wanted
    to see how african Americans do it ^-^)

  • PogoQueen 3 years ago

    Question? My natural hair does not get curly. its just puffs up at the
    roots, so if i do want to get it curly like her’s was, does that mean i
    stay away from heat and perms?

  • RheaaThePoett 3 years ago

    This proves that a black person can naturally have long hair

  • Rebecca Andersson 3 years ago

    your hair is beautiful, but is all that time and work really worth getting
    your hair straight?

  • sumaya abdi 3 years ago

    You guys saying that her hair isn’t black looking or African hair. My
    cousin is 100% African and has silky Indian hair.

  • Viktir666 3 years ago

    I just clicked on this to see what made it have 2.5 million views. Bye.

  • Nataly Carbonell 3 years ago

    Nice video, nice hair, but does your hair not get oily after using so much
    conditioners? I have curly hair too but it can get pretty oily if I use a
    lot of conditioners :( 

  • Queen Gíaz 3 years ago

    i dont understand why you said “100 black?, sorry i dont understand very
    well the english… but i have the same hair, and im a 100% white gurl
    jaja, so i ever asked me why i have this hair!! jaja and my hair never
    grow, sometimes i think maybe im sick :P i really loves the curly hair <3

  • YoungZioness 3 years ago

    Very beautiful hair sis 

  • Nichole Lee 3 years ago

    Your natural hair is beautiful. 

  • Savon J 3 years ago

    You’re so natural and beautiful! 

  • Heaven Hines 3 years ago

    i wish my hair was like that im black but i dont have black hair and i cut
    9inches off my hair anf donated it . its almost passing my boob but not

  • Kristen Cutler 3 years ago

    Your hair is simply gorgeous. You are beautiful. But Holy heck that is a
    lot of work! But the end result is awesome! 

  • skettles terr 3 years ago

    love this please support my channel as well I subbed and also for other
    ladies too I will be having a give away soon from bh cosmetics all you have
    to do is like comment and subscribe to my channel thanks all from Jamaica
    muahhhhh to you all.

  • Jacki gba 3 years ago


  • Sage X 3 years ago

    is this bitch naked im on a ad loading

  • Almestica red 3 years ago

    I love black girls w/long hair. Here’s why: Shows kids u dnt need weave or
    a perm.Show other black women u can get that look u love naturally. It’s
    Motivating and real. But the main reason to prove the haters wrong! Can I
    touch ur hair? Touch this bitch! Is that ur real hair? Bitch Is that ur
    real hair? She’s mixed w/smthing. Nah you mixed up in the head.Huh? What?
    Black girls can’t grow long hair. Gtfoh with that BS. 

  • Sarah Harris 3 years ago

    Your hair looks so beautiful!!

  • Haila Abdulrhman 3 years ago

    إذا في احد عربي هنا لايك :) 

  • Allison Lazo 3 years ago

    My hair I longer

  • donald church 3 years ago

    please tell me youre into white boys hehe

  • Demetris Holland 3 years ago

    You r very beautiful 

  • Rosario Rodriguez 3 years ago

    Do you only straighten you hair? Have you ever used any chemicals like the
    Liscio Japanese hair straightening treatment? 

  • TheYCallMeKittE 3 years ago

    yass girl!! this is fabulous!! thank you for sharing :D and you are very
    pretty :) 

  • Faye Wren 3 years ago

    I love that song, please give me the name of it.

  • Cutejapanvids 3 years ago

    I will try to moisturize my hair longer usually they say 3 or 15 minutes
    for masks. Shaved my head but my hair is growing faster than I thought and
    I am so not ready to care for it!!

  • Alicia Ashmeade 3 years ago


  • Kevin Bright 3 years ago

    No Weave No Weave 22 inches… Beautiful Hair

  • Cheyenne Rickley 3 years ago

    You have gorgeous hair! 

  • Auanny Silva 3 years ago

    you cat is my Brasil 

  • Hilliard Floyd 3 years ago

    I will try this. beautiful hair!.

  • Babby Jordz 3 years ago

    You’re also 100% man.

  • Valentina Amy 3 years ago

    omg i wish my hair was as beautiful and healthy as yours!!! <3

  • Jamia Fernandez 3 years ago

    I think that you are very beautiful And the others who are leaving rude
    comments are just haters. Just love your haters cuz it makes u stronger. I
    don’t care about your physical and it shouldn’t matter to others .
    personality is what people should focus on i know that i don’t know u well
    but i think that u are beautiful inside and out

  • Kadijah Amira Edwards 3 years ago

    i am so happy I have the same length and texture as you

  • Yeimy Mateo 3 years ago

    I would kill to have the same length as ur hair!!