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I was super tired when I filmed this, so I am sorry for the lack of enthusiasm lol. I really do love this foundation and think it is pretty darn amazing. Tot…

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  • Robyn Kurdek 4 years ago

    Okay, you’ve convinced me I need this stuff!!! What was the finishing
    powder you used again – it really brightened up the look. Great coverage –
    thanks for the video!

  • Dung Phương 4 years ago

    I also am using Joppa was about 7 months now. I found it very good
    coverage, you can mix colors beautifully. Cheap and safe, I have acne skin
    so I feel appropriate to use it.

  • ImHavinaHoot 4 years ago

    Wow, incredible coverage! I received my samples a few days ago based on
    your recommendation in the soft coverage amd simple radiance formulas. My
    best color match is prairie wheat, but this also runs a bit pink and I’m
    more neutral as well. I also got samples of Lucy Minerals, which I’m
    testing first since she has a sale goinguntil ttomorrow. Lucy’s also has
    great coverage and I found a better color match in bisque, so we’ll see. I
    love the aloha blush sample too! Thanks for the demo :) 

  • Merdy Mench 4 years ago

    I wanted to try this after you talked before…thanks for the reminder!
    Your skin looks amazing with it on!

  • Oxana124 4 years ago

    That looks great!

  • haleradiance 4 years ago

    Need summa that foundation in my life!

  • Huyền Mun 4 years ago

    Do u used any before apply joppa foundation? I don’t want to get base or
    moisture or any thing because my skin is very oily and sensitive, easy to
    get break out -((( How can i use joppa ? 

  • secondhandsweetness7 4 years ago

    I like the coverage! 

  • mariakoszalin 4 years ago

    holy guacamoli this foudation looks decent! 

  • Merdy Mench 4 years ago

    Just got some samples and a pretty eyeshadow! Thanks so much for the

  • Felysa Febiany 4 years ago

    I love Joppa! Its been helping me with healing my cystic acne also. Anyway
    what brush do you use?

  • Beauty Blossom 4 years ago

    Omy! It’s like magic. I need this foundation in my life. I’ve been dealing
    woth so many acne scars. Thanks for the demo. 

  • Pure Sparkle 4 years ago

    wow that covered really well! I have oily acne skin and always looking for
    full coverage. I’ll have to check them out. Thanks!

  • Angharad LateBloomer 4 years ago

    a miracle I am getting samples immediately

  • Angharad LateBloomer 4 years ago