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Wanna see more school makeup looks? Let me know in the comments section. =) Twitter: Instagram:…


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  • music08love 3 years ago

    I want to see more school make up looks :) can you do like a brown natural
    eye shadow look :) 

  • Nasima Begum 3 years ago

    I always want to try benefit pore professional primer but never try it and
    stick with the drugstore primers as it is very expansive for me!!!

  • Isha Jaffer 3 years ago

    I’ve never used benefit products but I would like to try their blush :) 

  • Wix Dam 3 years ago

    Can you make another video like this and I subscribed

  • MarcelineLover33 3 years ago

    never used benefit products but i wanna try their blush 

  • Mariaelena Carrillo 3 years ago

    I never used benefit products but i would love to try their blush

  • Marwa Hammoud 3 years ago

    Hi I like this one but please can you make more like this vedio I need to
    know how u apply outside the eye with eyeliner pencil

  • Jade Hayes 3 years ago
  • mariajh69 3 years ago

    I would like to use any benefit product never have

  • MsSparkleLPS 3 years ago

    You kinndaaaa look like Becky G. :o 

  • Lorena Garcia 3 years ago

    u loo like vanessa h. 

  • Calista Krass 3 years ago

    More pls!

  • xRimmie habib 3 years ago

    Ur so beautiful!

  • JOEL GUERRERO 3 years ago

    Well I Think This Video Is Really Special Especially To Me That Sometimes I
    Feel Insecure About Myself But With These Tips I Will Surely Make A Better
    Person Of Me , But I Would Love To Use All The Make Up But Mainly The Eye
    Shadow .

  • sarina the chef Perez 3 years ago

    very nice on makeup 

  • Amber Owens 3 years ago

    I’ve never tried any of there products but I want too

  • Shirlisha Powtan 3 years ago

    nice i never use any makeup … so i really dont about it but it looks
    really cool

  • Stella Juranek 3 years ago

    i like this video but i dont have chance to win

  • Sabrina Toy 3 years ago

    I love the chap stick amazing and ur fave blush

  • Kateryna Lychyk 3 years ago

    its so good I liked it

  • E Ramirez 3 years ago

    If you want to be an ipsy artist do you have to pay? Or is it free?

  • mykaelapaige03 3 years ago

    I have never used these products before but I would be very interested in
    the beauty cream and the lip gloss ! :-)

  • Kiley Frakes 3 years ago

    I’ve never used any of there products but I would love to try there crème
    eyeshadow and there blush

  • Ashley Aplicano 3 years ago

    So cute! Loved it 

  • Krista Mclean 3 years ago

    brightening highlighter pen

  • Everything Neon 3 years ago

    I would want to use there bright pink lipstick because it compliments
    everyone’s skin tone

  • cris cruz 3 years ago

    i always wanted all the benefits produces cx