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hi guys hope you enjoy watching me get ready for college CLOTHES AND MAKE UP LINKS HERE downbelow…….. skincare body shop tea tree oil foaming cleanser sh…

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  • Femmegasm 4 years ago

    You’re so cute!

  • beautybeast007 4 years ago

    omg you’re so pretty

  • Rebecca Braithwaite 4 years ago

    What foundation brush do you usexxx

  • blueflower951 4 years ago

    What would be best? Carry 4 A4 folders for each subject each day to school and back. (i cant leave any at school, so dont suggest that). This will have all my notes in, but will be heavy and take up much room in my bag. Or have these at home and just take one big A4 Lever arch folder to school with dividers for all my subjects. I will transfer notes from this folder to my smaller ones at home. This will be better to carry around, but i worry one day i may need some past notes that are at home.

  • zelda6612 4 years ago

    I ordered that same cardigan!!! Love your makeup btw!!! It’s natural and beautiful!!

  • Gabby Hargrave 4 years ago

    What Video Editor Do You Use???

  • imercccccc 4 years ago

    lovely video xx 

  • Nana Monae 4 years ago

    I love the way you dress hunty !

  • Isa Häha 4 years ago

    Your style is awesome , i love your Style !!!

  • kirah marshall 4 years ago

    What’s the second song ?

  • Samchocolate11 4 years ago

    Hey what’s the background song called and by who? Like these videos hope you do more :]

  • missloopylouful 4 years ago

    it was mixed chicks hair silk :) x

  • missloopylouful 4 years ago

    it says at the end! thank you :D 

  • missloopylouful 4 years ago

    thanks! hope you had a good birthday ;)

  • missloopylouful 4 years ago

    it says at the end! the first song is first to know by collectors club and the second is the coyotes by mesita :D

  • missloopylouful 4 years ago

    im glad i could help! oo i’ll check it out :) xx

  • missloopylouful 4 years ago

    thanks!! x

  • SpamMushrooms 4 years ago

    i have to brush my teeth, wash my face with a flanel and wait my hair down. -Life of a little person :D

  • UrbanKatie98 4 years ago

    This was so helpful! Although I’m only 14 it showed me a natural, wearable makeup:) I’m going to re-create this on my channel:)

  • matteaish 4 years ago

    I LOVE your hair!

  • missloopylouful 4 years ago

    canon 600d :D xx

  • Lydia Hall 4 years ago

    What camera do you use to film?xxx

  • emwe brennan 4 years ago

    What song is played in the video ? Great video by the way and I love the red bag :)

  • 85becii1 4 years ago

    Lovely, I enjoyed this video.. It was also made on my birthday :) )

  • wAdaFaCkK 4 years ago

    Does anyone know the name of this song and the artist? Thanks

  • wotdoiknow 4 years ago

    This is SO FAB!!!! You are gorgeous and I love the music!!!!! X