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Open for info: Hi everyone! So I finally got a new laptop and was able to get my camera up and running again thank goodness, that is me back permanently and …

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  • Melissa Lee 3 years ago

    Oh, Hi perrie Edwards.. 

  • Lena Saillé 3 years ago

    It looks you have a moustache, could be the lighting haha

  • BeckiiOfficial 3 years ago

    NEW VIDEO YAYA!& your skin is flawless without make up! Youre are so

  • Minnie Cutie 3 years ago

    Ahhh thank God ur back!! Xx 

  • Antesmrtaquesensilla 3 years ago

    Hi i invite you to my channel please

  • CaitlinJade95 3 years ago

    you are gorgeous!!

  • Glitteralittle 3 years ago


  • ukabeauty 3 years ago


  • Abigial Nikol 3 years ago

    I miss her videos :( 

  • desi rauhl 3 years ago

    More get ready! Is just me or your hair are actually white? Lol 

  • Makayla Faith 3 years ago

    do your socks have pot leafs on them? :) 

  • Elenor Göhring 3 years ago

    Aww so happy that you’re back! :-)
    Where’s your nose ring from?
    Love you xx

  • TheWanderbugChannel 3 years ago

    you kind of look like perrie edwards

  • Keiyah Carrington 3 years ago

    Anyone eles video start flashing green at 0.40 secs or was it just part of
    the video?

  • Emma Fuentes 3 years ago

    Yaay your back, its seems like in forever since you posted a vid . !

  • Rebecka Sjöblom 3 years ago

    Great video :D

    Random question.. I’m considering stretching my earring holes whatever it’s
    called out too. Did it hurt a lot? My sister’s done it and she says it
    hurts A LOT. Happy for answer, have a great day :3

  • Charlotte Kingston 3 years ago

    You look like Luna Lovegood :) :) So pretty x

  • gusTTavo lima 3 years ago

    So cute :) you are amazing xD u should know that’s i like your hair :3 

  • Glitzgurl08 3 years ago

    Great vid! subscribed! Btw you are gorgeous!!!!!!

  • Ella Taylor 3 years ago

    my gosh you are gorgeous! 

  • Eve Smith 3 years ago

    are you still with your boyfriend Nicole? 

  • Cassidy Jones 3 years ago

    How did you get your hair silver like that ?

  • Holly Snelling 3 years ago

    What happened to your neck

  • sirat kaur 3 years ago

    you are beautiful♥ without make up too♥
    you are Perrie Edwards twin

  • chantel johnny 3 years ago

    What kind of camera do you use :) its so great and clear!

  • Mariekissx 3 years ago

    can you please do a look alike perrie edwards?

  • Klaudia Bok 3 years ago

    i really love your hair ♥

  • Jenna Gerwatowski 3 years ago

    you are so incredibly gorgeous its not even funny <3 :) and im so happy ur

  • Vicky Flagler 3 years ago

    Your skin is literally perfect though! You don’t even need product!

  • Pretty Little Liars 3 years ago

    do you put anything in your hair or do anything to it to make it thicker? 

  • Natalia Jarząbek 3 years ago

    you’re soooo beatiful:)

  • itslily 3 years ago

    does anyone know the type of camera she uses? please respond!

  • erin taylor 3 years ago

    Your soo pretty I want your face

  • eve brennan 3 years ago

    Your hair is too light and your tan is a mess but I love you anyway 

  • Cece Lee 3 years ago

    Nicole is one of the most beautiful beauty gurus I’ve very watched.

  • Jo Ellen 3 years ago

    omg please stop frying your hair! :( 

  • danni le brun 3 years ago

    I swear you’re the human version of Barbie!!! You’re so freaking perfect

  • Rēne 3 years ago

    Just subbed. Please do sub back if you may. Keep in touch! I love the
    simplicity of your videos. 

  • Wendy Hanson 3 years ago

    you are STUNNING!

  • Treana von Elbe 3 years ago

    You look so much like perrie edwards omg

  • Cortney Lynn 3 years ago

    what camera do you use?

  • K. Jvt. 3 years ago

    Can you do a video about all your piercing ( experience..)? <3

  • TheMakeupLoveBeauty 3 years ago

    love ur videos!! just did a get ready with me on my channel xxx

  • Heyy Madison 3 years ago

    I LOVE your hair❤️

  • Marissa Moronez 3 years ago

    You look like Perrie Edwards a bit 

  • Nik Nadiya Farisha 3 years ago

    your pale skin suits you so well! you could be an ice queen or something

  • nilseliz molinary 3 years ago

    Please dye your hair sliver it will look amazing

  • Emmy Cordner 3 years ago

    So happy you’re back on YouTube!!!!