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Until I get to doing a proper tutorial on my everyday foundation and eyeliner routine, here’s a quick video of how I apply my makeup on any given day! I try …

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  • Savannah Davis 4 years ago

    I have the same one as her. I got mine at a little store in Japan Town in San Fran. You can probably order them online or off ebay. It’s a tea cup

  • PRINCEKYARII 4 years ago

    your skin is sooo niceeee!

  • Alice Salerno 4 years ago

    bellissima! … i’m italian:)

  • Hibo Said 4 years ago

    Your so pretty ^_^ keep making videos i love them

  • Danythecrazy07 4 years ago

    holy cow, YOU ARE SOOOOO GORGEOUS!!!!

  • Puppydog321 4 years ago

    OMGEE where did u get your awesome panda cup??? Ahh!

  • hahaha1122van 4 years ago

    amazing skin!

  • Zineb Yeezy 4 years ago

    STUNNING !! I love your hair ! i love how u put your liner I try so many times to do something like this but I still don’t know how to do this can you make a tutorial on how to apply eye liner please ? thanks

  • Natasha Brajdich 4 years ago

    You’d look luxe with a thinner cat line.

  • Diana Saldana 4 years ago

    your face is PERFECT AND the eyeliner looks amazing on you!!

  • youngjin kang 4 years ago

    CL from 2ne1

  • TotallyYou100 4 years ago

    Your literally one of the most gorgeous girls I have ever seen!

  • Georgina Louise 4 years ago

    you are literally perfect: new subscriber.

  • Jackie Castro 4 years ago

    I’m a new subbie! May I say you are absolutely gorgeous.

  • Adelli Mach 4 years ago

    you do your winged eyeliner perfectly! not like me :D

  • Erika L 4 years ago

    Ah! Amazing.

  • brokenxxxxwings 4 years ago

    New one! Please :)

  • Jess Juhl 4 years ago

    You’re Stunning!❤

  • Libby Andrus 4 years ago

    I had mega heart eyes the entire time I was watching this.

  • MonicaStyle Muse 4 years ago

    Okay your amazing

  • Lesley Beltran 4 years ago

    You’d look better and more natural looking without the eyeliner. You should just stick to mascara

  • TheAlishaCrow 4 years ago

    What Chanel Brush are you using?:))

  • LoveJenniferYang 4 years ago

    you’re so pretty and you have great skin. you really don’t need makeup :)

  • anskyyrok 4 years ago

    you’re so beautiful with and without makeup that I don’t even know gurl <3

  • Laura Dultinger 4 years ago

    i just fount your channel and fell in love with it!!!! keep the great work up <3

  • Dlinniy Chulok 4 years ago

    Claire, do you apply liquid foundation every day?

  • jl jyxx 4 years ago

    Hi claire!!!! U look so gorgeous without and with makeup xxxx

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  • savannahwalsh47 4 years ago

    very natural,elegant,and beautiful

  • Claire Marshall 4 years ago

    Aw you should have! x

  • hannahlynn310 4 years ago

    I saw you at third street today! I wanted to go up to you and say hi but I didn’t have the balls! Lol

  • AmnerysXO 4 years ago

    very pretty makeup look!!

  • aronk001 4 years ago

    Your face looks fancy.

  • aronk001 4 years ago

    Hi Claire! Do you have a makeup collection? I always assume it’s very expensive makeup. I don’t know. You look like an expensive person. I can’t explain it.