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how to get thicker hair – treatment for thinning hair – how to grow long hair – how to get thicker hair in 2 months Ingredients: 2 tablespoons caster oil 1 e…

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  • clothe246 3 years ago

    I’ve tried this for almost a month and I haven’t really noticed any
    significant results :/

  • XVSting 3 years ago

    I have a massive hair loss + very thing and damaged hair. Would that help
    at all :( ? please somebody help me…

  • Rithika Rajagopal 3 years ago

    Doesn’t the honey bleach your hair, and make your natural hair colour

  • DragoonGalaxy 3 years ago

    One question: do I rinse it out first without the shampoo or do I apply the
    shampoo then rinse it out? PLEASE HELP

  • ~Derpy~ 3 years ago

    is it ok if its corn oil ? or does it have to be castor oil? TT.TT

  • Ipseeta Samal 3 years ago

    I hav lot of hair fall & thinning hair from last 5years, whtever treatment
    had used doesn’t work properly yet, used mehendi / egg / hot oil massage /
    fenugreek powder etc… Can i use coconut oil instead of castor oil, plz
    help me its an humble rqst

  • Sabbie Wabbie 3 years ago

    Guys, ditch the castor oil. Mayo and eggs alone works a charm. 

  • unicorn 456 3 years ago

    where to find the caster oil? if never use the caster oil,is it alright?

  • Mina Taher 3 years ago

    its wired that TheSimpleCare never replays -.-

    have anyone tried this on there hair and sure about the result ??
    -please replay if that did help you

  • msanporter 3 years ago

    Ok I need help also I went from a head full of thick hair like a couple of
    months ago now everytime I comb I get so much hair comes out and my hair
    aint think no more to me I kno they say 80-100 strands of hair a day but
    this is 2 much for me so i came across your video and was thinking it want
    hurt to try so questions do it matter if its brown or white eggs, where u
    get the castor oil from and the honey is it regular or organic honey 

  • Arun Pravin 3 years ago

    we need to add only yellow yoke or white yoke ? and it work within 2 months

  • Jaqueline Acosta 3 years ago

    What if you just use the honey and yellow part of the egg 

  • sahra yousuf 3 years ago

    I don’t have caster oil what can I replace it with

  • Carson Wello 3 years ago

    Is it okay if I don’t use the honey? Or will it not work?

  • Daphney Shikwambani 3 years ago

    I just want to comment, this is my 3rd time using this treatment, I have
    really seen tremendous results. Will give feedback again after the 6th
    time, thank you so much for sharing this tip with us. I had thin hair and
    my hair was falling apart when I comb.

  • Dominick In. 3 years ago

    I’m confused. Egg yolk is protein. using this treatment twice a week isn’t
    too much protein for hair? Doesn’t make the hair brittle? 

  • Deepika Jayaprakash 3 years ago

    Am scared coz honey may change the hair color into grey.

  • chloe malo 3 years ago

    can I use veggie oil or olive oil

  • huda alq 3 years ago

    is it fine to replace the caster oil with olive oil? HELP

  • fyu face 3 years ago

    I don’t have yall fancy rich folk olive oil, Can i use motor oil? 

  • Heather Skoglund 3 years ago

    Can you do this more than 1-2 times a week?

  • Jarvis Tucker 3 years ago

    Is it bad to do this more then twice a week

  • Sarah Yang 3 years ago

    Instead of castor oil can we use coconut oil? People usually put that in
    their hair too but since I don’t have castor oil is it ok if I use coconut

  • Isa V 3 years ago

    Are there disadvantages?

  • trixia louise 3 years ago

    i don’t have caster oil………… can i use anything else

  • Brinty Spreas 3 years ago

    YOUR BARE HANDS, Lol i just noticed that when I applied it my hands were
    itching like crazy!!!!! I had to stop rinse my hands and then put some
    hytocortizone cream and put gloves on!!! ALSO MAKE SURE TO RINSE WITH COLD