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All of my Halloween videos to date!….. Make your own blood… Go to my …

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  • TheGoodNewsforall 4 years ago

    Please see thewarningsecondcoming dotcom

  • HikaKaorufan100 4 years ago

    My thoughts exactly

  • Alliegirl144 4 years ago

    Jeff da killer :3

  • hausofmonsterGAGA 4 years ago

    looks so real

  • hausofmonsterGAGA 4 years ago


  • mrsRedLiLa 4 years ago

    Wow! Very cool!

  • Extreme Furry 4 years ago

    @dieEriklady your wrong she’s welsh and I’m British I’ve also never needed braces if we’re going for stereotypes then say she shags sheep or something

  • Brownmoocow69 4 years ago

    Awww why do they call it the chelsea smile :( my smile is beautiful thanks for ruining my smile now i hate my name lol

  • emileigh williams 4 years ago


  • SuperKawaiismile 4 years ago

    V -.-”

  • DieErikLady 4 years ago

    why is she having braces again? oh i get it shes brittish :P

  • JoJo BunnyGhost 4 years ago

    Its also called the glasgow smile ^^

  • hotlild4eva 4 years ago

    how would i take it off?

  • thetruekarpopappa 4 years ago

    Let’s put a SMILE on that face….

  • dono234 4 years ago

    Joker comes to mind…

  • cal tylak 4 years ago

    its not a chelea grin its a CHEALSEA GRIN

  • Opskorio IsPlaying 4 years ago

    that’s disgusting

  • LetzMakeup 4 years ago

    Nah, it’s either. You can google it.

  • LetzMakeup 4 years ago

    You can talk etc but no exaggerated facial movements with this basic method.

  • LetzMakeup 4 years ago

    Scar wax.

  • LetzMakeup 4 years ago

    I am. x

  • LetzMakeup 4 years ago

    You could try using gelatin instead.

  • Brittany Garrett 4 years ago

    this is sooooo cool

  • Sydney midcap 4 years ago

    Nice Vid Btw. :) 

  • Sydney midcap 4 years ago

    Omg Im 11 And Im Almost Full Blooded Irish!!!!

  • Christine Bølviken 4 years ago

    With that makeup… you could cosplay jeff the killer ^__^

  • SuperSparr0w 4 years ago

    It can be Chelsea Grin
    or Glasgow Smile

  • jabbberjawz 4 years ago

    just to clarify its a chelea grin not smile lol

  • craftyann c 4 years ago

    1:11 Omggggggg lol!

  • alizulkiflibinwahid 4 years ago


  • Iheartboydurie 4 years ago

    Holy wow. This is awesome. I love your voice ^^

  • Chelsea Clay 4 years ago

    My name is Chelsea!

  • Alexandria Shadows 4 years ago

    I’m Irish too :D

  • Sethy K.H. 4 years ago

    Can you smile when you done this?

  • lmfaogirl366 4 years ago

    use this to go as jeff the killer. your welcome :3

  • Amanda Davies 4 years ago

    my sister was watching this and yknow’ when you had finished cutting the wax , I started screaming
    Yeah , i’m a weirdo

  • Mr666themaggot666 4 years ago

    “Ive got a secret its on the tip of my tounge, its on the back of my lungs. And im gonna keep it. I know something you dont know!!! OHHH!!!!!”

  • Maurane Charbois 4 years ago

    C’est quoi la Pâte que tu utilise au début ?

  • penta2006 4 years ago

    eeew!… I LOVE IT!

  • Ashley M 4 years ago

    Love the gadges

  • cheyenne collins 4 years ago

    im irish to :o 

  • kimkr318 4 years ago


  • onewayoranother13 4 years ago

    I love your accent! Are you Irish?

  • RawrrItzBunnasaur 4 years ago

    Bring Me The Horizon… o.o

  • Vivian Camper 4 years ago

    Gooosssshhh! I love your accent! I’m jealous!

  • kerushii868 4 years ago

    Is there something I could use to substitute the liquid latex becuase I’m allergic to latex and I would really love to do this.

  • Sheela van der schelde 4 years ago

    Haha Jeff smile

  • Rayna O Connell 4 years ago

    Okay she’s Irish just like me and this was put up on my birthday