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OPEN ME FOR MORE STUFF! ☆ Remember to watch in HD & THUMBS UP! Want to get my look? Check out the link to my hair! [Perfect Locks Indian Curly in 16,18, and 20 inches + closure] Use the…

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  • Xy-Latu Fan 4 years ago

    Love love love ! So freaking beautiful

  • MsPaige58 4 years ago

    Why Would Anyone Even Dislike This Video ?

  • MiamiSweets 4 years ago

    You are beyond beautiful and talented, I’ve been waiting on another video
    from you :) you teach me something new everytime. I absolutely love this
    look and your hair.

  • Erikeria Boyle 4 years ago

    I WATCH EVERY SINGLE LAST ONE OF YOUR VIDEOS ! I love them all ! You are so

  • VintaqeVeqass 4 years ago

    you are so pretty !

  • Chelsea Adrianna 4 years ago

    You give me life

  • TeaTimeWithD 4 years ago

    This was a very fun video to watch! You are gorgeous both with and with out
    make up! and I love that smiley face shirt!

  • Dessy GT 4 years ago

    Pretty make up

  • KJonesFashion101 4 years ago

    I love your videos so much !

    Can you check out my YouTube Channel and maybe subscribe ?

  • sharondabuchanan 4 years ago

    So jealous! You don’t even need one bit of makeup!!!

  • Jani Scott 4 years ago

    Can you make a video of how you started out on YouTube and giving advice to
    others aspiring to start out. Thanks love your channel

  • Nanciee_x3 4 years ago

    What type of ring light do you use? and what do you mean by the lashes last
    for 5 days like you keep them on for five days? Can you do a look on that
    the lashes look?

  • BBGoddessYT 4 years ago

    You remind me of +Nitraa B OMG I love you! So glad I found you :) 

  • Bee Simms 4 years ago

    Love it, you are just gorgeous so cute and simple! Love your videos

  • jazzdlee 4 years ago

    you should start doing KathrynTalks:

  • Erin Lester 4 years ago

    I see you at school all the time, I gotta support you since we go to the
    same university!!! – not trying to sound like a creep!

  • 101meek 4 years ago

    Could you puh-lease do a skincare routine?!!! You’re so pretty and your
    skin is so flawless