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Cat Eye Makeup


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  • Eliza Beth 4 years ago

    I love your videos so much! I’ve been watching you for years! <3

  • Alaina Durand 4 years ago

    Your hair will get used to products you use over time. Whether it is every
    day, every other day or every other other day. You need to switch up your
    products from time-to-time otherwise your hair fibers get bored and dull. 

  • Jordan Elizabeth 4 years ago

    I love that you have never changed. I have also been watching your videos
    for years — I think you were one of my first subscriptions! You’re so cute
    and down to earth. Keep it up girl! Hope married life is treating you well!

  • Nola A 4 years ago

    Your vids always make me smile; you are sooooo upbeat! If you haven’t tried
    it, Loreal makes a line of Volume Filler products (in purple packaging-
    thickening shampoo, blowout volume, a vial of “stuff”, and I think a
    conditioner) that are great on my very thin, very fine hair. I just use the
    shampoo and blowout volume and I can really tell a difference.
    Tell the hubby he should color HIS hair blonde to match yours. Your
    lowlights look good, btw; I think they are noticed more by other blondes
    who also add lowlights.
    Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

  • Jesminda Reeshee 4 years ago

    Do you really re-brush your teeth?

  • Leeleegc88 4 years ago

    Where are you from btw? I’m from Texas and you sound like you might be too!

  • Chloe Brewster 4 years ago

    Can you list the products you used in the description?

  • paigeelise123 4 years ago

    I blow dry my hair like you blow dry yours. But I tried using my normal
    brush and holding it straight up. When I got done my hair was so fluffy it
    was unreal. Made me laugh. 

  • Renee Dollarhide 4 years ago

    I know you will probably have a hard time believing this because I know as
    women we are led to believe we have to put on make-up to look good…but
    you look sooooo much better without all that eye make-up on! You have
    natural beauty…why not try just a little eye make-up without the egyptian
    looking eyeliner…you really do look beautiful without all of that….

  • Nuhairat Hussien 4 years ago

    You should do a how to grow your long❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Bec Tompkins 4 years ago

    i just came across your channel (I’m from Aus!) and i love you!! You’re
    hilarious! Most beauty vloggers are so boring but you are so entertaining!
    Keep making vids, just subbed!! xx

  • Leeleegc88 4 years ago

    I LOVE your personality you’re so awesome! Love love love your

  • ratmgr2 4 years ago

    So what were your thoughts on the Suave root lift? My hair is super thin as
    well and I have yet to find a good product to help add lift and volume. I
    totally agree with you on the Loreal products you showed at the beginning,
    they feel like I’m outing glue in my hair

  • Nuhairat Hussien 4 years ago

    Love you should do hair video more often

  • Jalema 4 years ago

    Thanks for the video Charity! It seems like no one understands my thin/fine
    hair struggles! I’ve been using the garnier fructis sky-high volume mouse
    for quite some time now. I like it, but I think my hair has stopped
    responding to it. I might try the one you recommended here.

  • mojahid nidal 4 years ago

    My hair has the same texture as yours, but thanks to your tips I can style
    it and no one notice if have thin hair .. love you all the way from Morocco
    xoxo .. your videos always made my day

  • iceys1113 4 years ago

    i love watching your videos you’re so entertaining :D you should make them
    more often 

  • TheBIGDreamer26 4 years ago

    You are too funny! I laughed so much during this!

  • Diana Aranda 4 years ago

    You’re so pretty. I watch your videos and I feel like I’m face to face with
    a friend chatting <3

  • karleigh rodriguez 4 years ago

    I never realized how funny you are, I like it

  • Jena Freeman 4 years ago

    I love your hair! :) 

  • Spanish Worrier 4 years ago

    you should make a day and night routine video

  • Lena Coogan 4 years ago
  • Lifeasyessi 4 years ago

    hey im loving your videos (: anyway make sure to subscribe if you wouldnt
    mind checking out my videos that would mean so much to me (: