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WARNING!!!! This is an OLD video from last Halloween (that’s why my hair is pink and I have zits and a different background haha)…. I did not re dye my hai…

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  • 4225Riley 4 years ago

    Love the hair

  • gymnassfan 4 years ago

    Amazing you are.

  • youbelong2me 4 years ago

    rude. at least Sam is beautiful on the inside and out…. I don’t know what you look like, but just based on this comment, it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside because you’re clearly ugly on the inside.

  • w rodriguez 4 years ago

    Why you showing your big boobs

  • w rodriguez 4 years ago

    You look ugly without makeup

  • w rodriguez 4 years ago

    I really love you hair

  • moyoevent 4 years ago

    Love your hair

  • spaceysno1girl . 4 years ago

    I love this but the blog post with list of products doesnt exist anymore : (

  • roseetpink 4 years ago

    welcome back Sam love the hair and the makeup xox

  • ThePinkbella 4 years ago

    We miss you hope all is well :)

  • sandbox16 4 years ago

    What did you use on your hair to be pink?

  • Julia Johannesson 4 years ago

    YAAAY helloo lovely (: Ive missed you

  • TheVrownShow 4 years ago

    Old video!! I remember this last year!! Aww Love and miss your family Sam

  • Pupperdogger77 4 years ago

    Happy Halloweenie and congrats on baby number two. I don’t think I got a chance to say that, but better late than never lol. We all miss you, but do your thang honey lol!!!

  • MoiraS63 4 years ago

    I see this is a re-upload from last year..but nonethless, so nice seeing you. Totally understandable about wanting to be private!

  • marleeny12 4 years ago

    So Sam, you look awesome after just having a baby. Can you tell us what diet or workout u did to get back to normal? Please.

  • Madeleine Denebeim 4 years ago

    that mark mascara looked fantastic on your lashes! i think i like it better than the maybelline xxl pro that you use. beautiful tutorial though!

  • Furby22784 4 years ago

    I miss the Schuermans. :(

  • Jana alkhaldi 4 years ago

    Welcome back!!!!!!!!!! :D 

  • whtvrwhatever 4 years ago

    I miss the old bckgrnd

  • Tayla Smedberg 4 years ago


  • Cinthya Hernandez 4 years ago

    finALLY!! yay i missed you:) glad you are back with more videos!!

  • iloveeyou18 4 years ago

    Love it!

  • FeDeRiCa19493 4 years ago

    it’s too great see a new video! :) you’re beautiful ^^

  • whitney j 4 years ago

    So glad ur back!!!!