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Hey Guys! I hope you enjoyed my Dad doing my makeup! Thumbs up for Dad does my makeup again! :-) xoxo, Chelsea Connect with me! Website! : http://beautylicio…

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  • MrBeautyBudget 4 years ago

    Ha.. It smells like crayon xD

  • caitlin woodruff 4 years ago

    your dad is hilarious lol XD

  • Pinkgirlooo020 4 years ago

    I so loved his technique it’s awesome

  • Caridad Mejia 4 years ago

    you made me laugh

  • kelly row 4 years ago

    lol he  made me laugh the whole time!!!!!!!

  • NIKKI BRANDT 4 years ago

    lol he is soo funny

  • Teresa Morales 4 years ago

    So funny:-)

  • beautysweets101 4 years ago

    the end OMG.

  • Kara Sweeney 4 years ago


  • Neil Couzens 4 years ago

    You’re dad is well funny

  • princesszhola 4 years ago

    lol! this is so funny.. your Dad is way too cooL! :D 

  • Lauren Pilling 4 years ago

    I love your dad he’s hilarious

  • Giselle Valladolid 4 years ago


  • Dannie Newlove 4 years ago


  • Jeszekeihla 4 years ago

    Your Father Is Very Supportive

  • Nikki Buckingham 4 years ago

    She looks scarryyyyy

  • CutieBeauty1024 4 years ago

    This is soo nice bonding

  • Rachel Sammons 4 years ago

    6:25 lol u look like a dog

  • Amy Gabby 4 years ago

    Lol a fork

  • Sydney Dawn 4 years ago

    I love your dad!!!! Please please please have him do another video like this?? Love watching your videos and the fact that we both have a relationship with God.

  • Chey Parkinson 4 years ago

    Do a video were you do ur dad makeup

  • Alight Drakness 4 years ago

    ya but you can wait! ha ha ha ha ha ha!:)

  • summer smith 4 years ago

    she was making weird noises

  • nastia sisauri 4 years ago

    חחחחחח איזה פדופיל אבאשלך

  • Jaelynn Honey 4 years ago


  • Olivia Miller 4 years ago

    *:) whoops sorry meant smiley face lol

  • Olivia Miller 4 years ago

    ha ha i love this video! So clever!! :(

  • nayeliv93 4 years ago

    at 6:22 she looks like a kitten

  • nayeliv93 4 years ago

    did anybody notices a hand in the background

  • MadsudTV 4 years ago

    Please make a summer chic makeup tutorial with the whites and creams

  • Ashe Lohden 4 years ago

    do a hello kitty one

  • Ashe Lohden 4 years ago

    ur dad is hilarious!!! lol

  • TheOfficialJessy 4 years ago

    I wouldn’t let my dad touch my makeup, or my face… Or apply makeup to my face!!! :p

  • Mckaila Major 4 years ago

    Do a hello kitty one

  • Mckaila Major 4 years ago

    You are like the best lol

  • Leah Bricklebank 4 years ago

    I can see the resemblance between you two

  • chloe gelder 4 years ago

    please subscribe to my channel i would love to have more than 2 xx

  • OhMyGoshKirst 4 years ago

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  • kenzie Anderson 4 years ago


  • CupcakezBoutiquez21 4 years ago

    a fairy princess

  • Hailey summer 4 years ago

    your dad had me dyeing! it smells like crayons