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Sparkly, sea swept, GLAMOROUS Mermaid Halloween Makeup Tutorial Video by Robert Jones from the A night of mischief ma…

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  • Eliana Blumenthal 3 years ago

    Hate the hair

  • coolnessme23 3 years ago

    “I don’t want scales on her face,” *croaky voice* “‘Cause she’s too

    I don’t even know why I liked that part :P 

  • Anyssa Martinez 3 years ago

    U can see her boobs in whatever shes wearing :O

  • Laura a 3 years ago

    I really like this look! Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make
    the makeup last? I feel like it would sweat off.

  • Gretchen Hunemuller 3 years ago

    Where was she when they were casting for the Marilyn Monroe movie? Those

  • Abigail Weeks 3 years ago

    I could see her boobs thro that thing she was wearing

  • Hikaru Makuna 3 years ago

    on 18:13 she kind of looks like Katnis from The Hunger Games.

  • Yoon Sun Joo 3 years ago

    Now that’s what I call a mermaid 

  • Eva Sabey 3 years ago

    She looks really uncomfortable when he had the net on her body

  • Wyatt Reed 3 years ago

    did anyone actually watch this whole thing it was half and hour i skipped
    a bunch of parts this was to long my butt hurts lol

  • Cara Luster 3 years ago

    You could see her boobs threw her under shirt

  • Carleigh Murphy 3 years ago

    He thinks he’s a girl cause the way he said nothing is better without

  • Hannah Jones 3 years ago

    I love the hair xx

  • ClassyContralto 3 years ago

    It’s pretty but I wouldn’t say it was a mermaid. Great makeup techniques

  • Dayami Bouza 3 years ago

    I love the eye color 

  • gurulovesyou 12b3 3 years ago

    they only have scales on there tale

  • Trisha bennett 3 years ago

    She lookes so done

  • Athena Bolton 3 years ago

    who else watched the whole video

  • Tatiana Rose 3 years ago

    She looks kinda pissed the whole time…

  • chil pill 3 years ago

    But i actually really adore the hair

  • QueenoftheRandoms 3 years ago

    At 23.50 you can see her re-evaluating her life choices…

  • Bethany Elyse 3 years ago

    What is the models name? She is so lovely!

  • kcee1709 3 years ago

    Does she have pink eye? It looked like it.

  • googieman01 3 years ago

    yeah hate the hair lol

  • Elsrida Gashi 3 years ago

    I hate ther face

  • Eva Cat 3 years ago
  • Mischa Lecter 3 years ago

    This looked so much fun.

  • NATALIA CRUZ 3 years ago


  • Cassie Hillard 3 years ago

    Anyone else hear the cursing guy when the microphone “skipped out” at
    around 16 mins?

  • Audrey Darcovich 3 years ago

    With just the blue and green eyeshadow she actually looked pretty good

  • Saisha Raj 3 years ago